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10 Easy Ways to Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Each day brings new opportunities for personal growth and threats to the earth’s survival. With the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, untold amounts of plastic wastes, and global warming, our planet isn’t as clean as it once was.

As a result, it has never been more critical for everyone to live a sustainable lifestyle to nurse mother earth back to health.

How do you describe living a more sustainable lifestyle? Whether you slow travel, reduce plastic use, organize carpools to work or support sustainable fashion, making sustainable decisions can reduce your environmental footprint.

How can you achieve this? It’s simple! You don’t need to make complex changes; small changes are perfect! Plus, if you split each process into little steps, you’ll see that you have more willpower than you anticipated.

We’ve compiled a list of changes that you can make to live happier and greener.

Support Sustainable Fashion

Have you taken the 333-time capsule challenge? The idea is to choose 33 items from your wardrobe and wear them for 3 months. 

Fat fashion pollutes the planet. However, building a capsule wardrobe can help reduce your footprint and make your closet more sustainable.

Also, invest in durable items and repurpose worn-out clothes or transform them into new apparel. For instance, you can turn an old dress into a skirt and top.

Plant a Tree, Plant a Seed

Norwegian singer AURORA did a song titled The Seed: a song about the impact of man’s current lifestyle on Earth and the many ways nature responds to these hazards. 

The key is to replenish the Earth. Plant a tree. Plant a seed.

Planting trees helps reduce surrounding air temperatures as a result of water evaporation. Also, trees use up carbon dioxide and can filter polluted air. And the result? Protection from severe respiratory diseases and other air-pollution related diseases.

Reduce Single-Plastic Use

Ditch the plastic or opt for renewable plastics. The sturdiness of plastic and the ability to stay afloat on the water can threaten aquatic life. Do an audit to know why and how you’re accumulating single-use plastics; then work toward reducing them.


Recycle! Recycle!! Recycle!!! Recycling can help reduce waste dramatically. Keep a recycling bin in your home at all times. You can also visit a local recycling company for more information on what and how to recycle objects and items.

Reduce Energy Use

Turn off lights when you’re out and turn off unused appliances. Also, you can conserve household energy by opening the windows to let natural air in. You don’t need to rely on the air conditioner often.

Simplify Your Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle does not, in any way, mean living poorly or without luxury. Rather, it means doing away with clutter, excess items, or belongings you don’t need.

Make sure that what you need is what you have. Avoid buying unnecessary items. Simplify your lifestyle.

Eat Locally

Fast food stores and restaurants have changed the eating habits of many. Don’t forget that these food items are not without often harmful preservatives. 

Grow your food. Cultivate your own garden. Become part of your local gardening community to help promote sustainable living. After all, cultivating a garden or green spaces is therapeutic for the mind and soul.

Sleep More

Sleeping more is perhaps the cheapest hack on the list. Although for some, it’s difficult to achieve. But you can try. This is an important aspect of sustainable living. Stick to a healthy sleep schedule or routine.

Read More

Reading is bliss, and knowledge is power. Read great books. Broaden your scope. Read biographies and memoirs; history and modernization; politics and law. Read! Read!! Read!!!

Walk or Ride a Bicycle

Walking as opposed to taking your car will not only decongest the roads but also reduce carbon monoxide pollution and protect the ozone layer in the long run. Relying less on your car helps the environment as well as your health.

Support Sustainability Policies

Do you know that anytime you choose an organic product instead of non-organic produce, you’re promoting a sustainable policy? Likewise, If you visit a farmers market and buy from them, you’re casting a vote.

In essence, if you choose a candidate who supports sustainability policies, you’re telling appointed leaders that you want to see policies that protect Mother Nature.

When it comes to living a life, every activity matters. What have you done to protect your environment?

Add your experience in the comments below.