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Astrological Forecast For 2022

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We Are Witnessing A Collective Healing Process

This year’s energy translates into BIG changes in all aspects and levels. From the inner level to society, the world, the planet, humanity.

A key to this year is aligning with the naturalness and simplicity of Taurus. The sign that Uranus continues to transit and the North Node will be during 2022. Thus, we patiently stabilize and consolidate the changes taking place in our lives. The more aware and well-informed we are as we move through this year, the more likely we are to make the right choices that will support us in gracefully and fulfilling creating a reality that is right for our souls. 

So let’s look at the main cosmic events that will help us better understand 2022.

JUPITER TRANSITING PISCES AND ARIES: every end inevitably marks a new beginning

The first day of 2022 finds Jupiter in the sign of Pisces, where it will spend about half the year. Jupiter retrogrades for 120 days and ends the year in Aries.

  • May 10, 4:22 PM Pacific Time: Jupiter enters Aries;
  • July 28, 1:38 PM Pacific Time: Jupiter begins retrograde in Aries;
  • October 27, 10:10 PM Pacific Time: Jupiter retrograde leaves Aries and returns to Pisces;
  • November 23, 3:02 PM Pacific Time: Jupiter resumes its direct transit into Pisces;
  • December 20, 6:33 AM Pacific Time: Jupiter enters Aries (again).

The transit of Jupiter in Pisces makes us more receptive to divinity, awakens our intuition and ability to perceive truth in ways other than intellectual, reminds us that we are souls who have come to the manifestation in this world to build, not to destroy. Thus, during periods under the influence of Jupiter in Pisces, we align ourselves with spirituality, art, mysticism, and we experience a sense of refinement and high idealism.

Also, with the help of Jupiter in Pisces, we are witnessing a collective healing process. Healing comes mostly through emotional cleansing, universal love, and the renunciation of useless egos. Inner fulfillment and peace become more important than worldly glory.

JUPITER CONJUNCT NEPTUNE: beneficial cosmic event

From 7-17 April, a beneficial cosmic event is taking place, with its peak intensity on April 12. This is the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Neptune, which takes place in Pisces and marks the beginning of a new Jupiter-Neptune cycle, which will last about 12-13 years.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction urges us towards tolerance, kindness, and acceptance. It helps us access the mental and spiritual reserves we need to implement the moral principle of unconditional respect for others. We are also supported to (re)discover that, energetically and spiritually, we are one and only together we can overcome difficulties and suffering.

The energy of this conjunction helps us heal our soul and move away from intolerance, selfishness, and the desire for power. In addition, we become more receptive to our emotions, to our inner universe, which is always in touch with divinity, whether we realize it or not. Of course, the conjunction occurring in April 2022 only marks the beginning of this long process, but in the long run, it inspires us to revise our perspective on the world in general and on ourselves. However, let’s not forget that imagination is a key to Pisces. Still, it is up to us whether we use it in a visionary, grand, evolutionary sense or whether we turn it into an exaggeration of sensitivity, victimization, escape from reality.

JUPITER SEXTILE URANUS AND PLUTO: remarkable opportunities

While transiting Pisces, Jupiter makes a harmonious exchange of energies with Uranus (February 13-22) and Pluto (April 29-May 8). Thus, we are to push our limits, unleash our creativity and inventiveness, and exercise our ability to transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Cosmic Orchestra heralds a time of opportunity, as we benefit from the clarity of thought and the possibility of ingenious solutions if we dare to look at things from a new perspective.

Jupiter’s transit through Aries generates very different energies than those in Pisces. The contemplative, meditative, poetic, and forgiving energy of Pisces is replaced by the fiery spirit of Aries. Led by Jupiter, this spirit helps us break new ground and dare what we have not dared before. Jupiter in Aries instills confidence in our own strengths, the belief that we can reinvent ourselves from the beliefs we identify with.

SATURN IN AQUARIUS SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS: evolution is not about giving up simplicity

In 2022, Saturn continues its transit through Aquarius.

One lesson of Saturn in Aquarius is NOT to be easily shocked by the new. We need to tolerate people and life patterns that are very different from what we are used to. However, some brakes on experimentation are necessary, lest we turn a lack of prejudice into a lack of social or inner order.

Uranus in Taurus speaks of a revolution of simplicity and the natural but understood in new, progressive forms. While the process of general modernization remains unstoppable, Uranus in Taurus asks us to keep in touch with nature and naturalness, with what is normal and relevant.

The Saturn-Uranus square brings back to our attention the poor way we manage our resources—including money—and may mark a period of global financial instability if the policies implemented last year do not prove effective.

MERCURY AND MARS RETROGRADE CYCLES: reshaping our way of thinking and acting

Mercury has three complete retrograde cycles during 2022.

  • January 14 – February 4: in Aquarius and Capricorn; 
  • May 10 – June 3: in Gemini and Taurus;
  • September 10 – October 2: in Libra and Virgo.

Note that Mercury begins retrograding in an Air sign and ends it in an Earth sign. The repetition of this sequence suggests a mismatch between the ideas or intentions we express and how we subsequently implement them. Some fail to implement them as intended because they are not consistent or persistent enough; others use words to hide their true intentions.

Mars is retrograde in Gemini from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023. We will have plenty of time to rethink our style of action, self-assertion, and struggle. The way we use our words and intellect to achieve various personal victories will be subject to careful introspection. In the end, we are expected to better understand the efficiency of thought: less energy wasted in worry, conversation, superfluous reasoning means more inner clarity and actions.

JUPITER AND SATURN RETROGRADE CYCLES: we are on the borderline between individual and collective reality

Jupiter is retrograde from July 28 to November 23. During these months, we reflect on our philosophy of life. We re-examine our principles and how we perceive life and discover new ways to turn our dreams into reality. We actively contribute to consciously creating our own reality.

Saturn will be retrograde between June 4 and October 23. What are the rules by which we build our progress? Can we easily let go of what is old and useless in our lives? With what determination do we paint new directions in our lives and contribute to a collective good? What subtle, karmic debts have we accumulated, and how do we correct them? We’ll see more direct answers to these questions in the Saturn retrograde months.

THE BOTTOM LINE: our individual progress depends on how we support collective evolution

Even if 2022 looks like a quieter and more relaxed year than previous years, this does not mean that we still don’t have a lot to build on, both personally and socially. Months with Jupiter in Aries will direct us to act independently and move forward quickly. Still, Saturn in Aquarius will not allow us to ignore the idea of collective progress and respect for all humanity. 

Suppose we slip a little numerological wisdom into this article. In that case, we find that 2022 is strongly influenced by the vibration of the number 6. We can show cooperation, harmony, incredible beauty, and nobility of soul with a bit of effort. For this, we must be prepared to help those around us, to show kindness and altruism to the highest corners.