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Rising Sign Astrology Forecast For 2022:

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The stars are aligning to bring us our biggest success in 2022! However, let’s not forget that there is no success without challenges.

Learn about the unique astrological forecast for 2022 based on your ascendant or rising sign.


The cosmic landscape of 2022 for you is gorgeous. Jupiter has a great transit through Aries from May 11 to October 27 and then from December 20 beyond the end of the year. This is an excellent time to complete some stages of life, let go of inappropriate situations and relationships, and resolve troubling personal and professional matters. At the same time, opportunities for far-reaching personal development open up, but in a discreet way.

Relationships with others fluctuate as your personality changes profoundly. Consequently, you will need to let go of old relationships that are malfunctioning. The most strained are relationships with your close entourage due to the retrograde of Mars in Gemini in the second part of the year.

The astrological context of 2022 gives you keen intuition and the sharpest of perceptions, and dreams can, more than ever, carry messages from the subconscious. The stars suggest you heed your inner voice. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to learn about the art of meditation and even practice it, as it can bring you substantial benefits, including physical and mental health.


The year 2022 is exciting for you, with major evolutionary leaps likely. Your manifestations will be surprising, both for you and for those around you. Your personality will continue to attract admirers and less enthusiastic people or interested in being with you.

From January 18, the energy of the Moon Nodes favors your personal development, independence, and autonomy. It helps you be self-sufficient, not depend on anyone, and not expect validation from others. You may also rediscover your will to take better care of yourself, your image, and your body. July and August can be a time of liberation for you, including karmically. This period could represent a real existential restart, a release from the past, and everything that holds you back. Some people with Taurus rising could feel a “now or never” impulse, and it would be good to follow it with courage.

The end-of-year months look set to be very busy professionally. You continue to go through a rigorous and long-lasting process, at the end of which you’ll find you have a whole new outlook on your role in society and in your career. It’s good to let yourself be guided by a modern vision and think wisely about the future of your career.


2022 is the year you will review your way of being, communicating, acting. Your inquisitive and playful personality will attract many people around you. Still, you will also have to deal with situations using your communication skills and your ability to easily create relationships.

This year also brings new beginnings in friendships and brings new groups that mobilize you to grow quickly. You may also meet a new love at these junctures who will stay with you for the long haul. There are also tests of wisdom and acceptance of those with different opinions from your own. In the last 3 months, the professional sphere will be strongly activated. Some more intense situations may arise in relations with colleagues and collaborators, which you can overcome elegantly if you don’t take them too much to heart. Stress sometimes brings out uncomfortable behavior.

The universe helps you discover and look at yourself more realistically, more objectively, and take a more rational and pragmatic approach to life in general and your beliefs in particular.


This is an important year for you because there are good opportunities to reshape your personality, change your way of being, and relate to everything around you. Even if, at first glance, you may feel that all the unpleasantness of life has been heaped upon you, trust that you will be able to resolve everything. At the end of this year, you will be able to enjoy your achievements.

Career and social life are important chapters in 2022 for people with Cancer rising. The universe foreshadows a stage in your life where you are given a chance to come out of the shadows and show what you can do. The theoretical knowledge and experience you’ve gained over time will help you make a name for yourself in your field and move up the workplace hierarchy. After a long period of social limitations and isolation, it’s time to become more socially active, get out into the world, form a team or work-group, and seek out like-minded people. You have every chance of enjoying unexpected success, provided you leave behind your anxieties and uncertainties and unleash the creative energy.

Also, during 2022, many people with Cancer in the ascendant may have to deal with issues of emotional dependency and co-dependency. Especially if they are involved in conflictual relationships that hold them back and do not allow them to move forward harmoniously and confidently into the future.


It’s going to be a year of steady growth and improvement. You’ll not only experience a financial windfall, but you’ll also notice an increase in your professional stature. Your career will ascend, as will your confidence and social life! All that success can work against you, though. Be careful not to let greed get in your way.

The first three months of the year offer a wealth of partnership experiences. The love segment will be on a familiar note. You can meet new people, better weigh up existing relationships, and make some procedural changes in terms of time shared with others. At the same time, Jupiter in Pisces carries you through a series of exciting interactions with people very close to you. In August, September, and October, extensive discussions and memorable meetings will highlight relationships with the immediate entourage. Even if some of these relationships come to an end, echoes of them will linger in your thoughts.

In conclusion, this year is an important year for you relationally. You grow up and become more demanding about the people you keep close to. You’re setting new rules in your couple and in the important teams in your life. In this way, even if you give up some partnerships, it’s good to remember that you’re moving towards more genuine relationships supporting your progress.


The context of events in 2022 predisposes you to significant changes, especially in your relationships with others. First of all, you need to reshape the way you are with others and how you act and interact.

The four eclipses forming this year on the Taurus-Scorpio zodiacal axis will support you in reshaping your mentality, thinking, and communication. Mercury also contributes to your personal evolution in January, May, and September and helps you overcome certain limitations and barriers in your relationships with others. The professional segment is still dynamic. There are chances for significant and favorable changes plus finding another job, even in another field of work. Relations with bosses and authorities are vulnerable, with many ups and downs. April, May, and from August onwards are the periods when interesting changes at a high level are likely to take place in your professional field.

Overall, 2022 is a year when you improve your self-image through relationships. Others cause you to look at yourself in a new light and polish yourself both as a partner and an individual. Your clarity and logic matter a lot now to balance situations that go too far with imagination and dreams. Realism is one of your strengths.


In 2022, people with a Libra Ascendant are mainly concerned about their professional career, increasing their income, and improving relationships with others.

In the periods January 1 – May 11 and October 28 – December 20, the stars help you organize your professional life and daily activities to have more time, be more efficient, and take more care of your health or learn new things. The financial segment is influenced by four eclipses built on the Taurus-Scorpio zodiacal axis. Income, expenses, debts, and investments will fluctuate throughout the year. 

In the last 3 months of the year, you may feel like reinventing yourself and setting up many new projects. Others will easily sense your magnetism and strength and want to join you. The decision is in your hands. At the same time, it is good to think pragmatically. Share what is yours with others, but without losing sight of yourself!


This is a significant year for you as you receive direct cosmic influences from the four eclipses building on the axis of your rising sign. First, you will reshape the way you behave towards others. You will part ways with some people. Some relationships will end, but other people are preparing to join you, both in your personal and professional lives.

The first 3 months of the year are rich in relationships events. You may find that some partners cause you to reconfigure yourself from the ground up, while others reflect patterns from your childhood and help you sort out the past. As Jupiter advances into Pisces, you also have multiple chances to fall in love and experience romantic atmospheres.

Between May 10 and October 27, the professional sphere begins to be more dynamic. Jupiter transits Aries and thus triggers new projects, speeding up changes and even inflaming spirits at times. It’s good to turn this powerful energy into new beginnings professionally.


The year 2022 predisposes you to change your personality, the way you relate to others, and rethink your life plans. The mental whirlwind continues, but you have already laid the foundations for a new philosophy of life. It’s good to cultivate your optimism and open-mindedness.

The year’s first half focuses on personal resources and intellectual development. You may meet new people in contexts of study and exchange of information. Basically, these months concentrate your attention on yourself and dictate a more mental approach to situations. Love passes through the intellect. You look for conversation partners who are a match for you. If you’re a couple, in the first half of the year, you have the opportunity to rekindle the flame of love and feel like a teenager on his first love. Still, avoid some childish risks, but dare to take chances on unexpected opportunities in love.

As far as the professional sector is concerned, 2022 should continue the professional reconfigurations that began in 2021. It’s essential to accept these changes with confidence that the effort you put in now learning new things will serve you well in the future. There may also be a need to let go of old work patterns, jobs, or relationships with different colleagues. This rebellion makes you original at work.


It seems that in 2022 the stars are encouraging you to come out of your shell, be more communicative, open your soul and learn new things.

Jupiterian energy stimulates your intellect, increases your curiosity, and makes you more eager to understand where any self-sabotaging tendencies come from. You manage to express your fears openly. You become more interested in reading, learning about spirituality, and various meditation methods, relaxation, reconnecting with yourself and your inner guide. This year’s Moon Node transit shows that it’s time to unleash your creativity, express yourself with confidence, explore your talents, and put them to good use.

Also, 2022 marks the time to open your heart. Accept the affection of those around you, express your feelings without fear, and set aside more time for yourself, your passions, and what gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled.


In 2022 you will feel better, as cosmic energy gives you life force and strength to focus on what you want to achieve. On the other hand, your life plans and actions are supported, those that can pay off in the long term. 

The first 3 months of 2022 begin in an atmosphere of retreat and contemplation of what has happened so far. You are settling accounts with some past relationships and preparing for new beginnings. A period of self-focus follows. As a result, others will feel you are strong, determined, and follow you, provided you don’t become too individualistic.

The transit of the lunar nodes on the Taurus-Scorpio axis could make 2022 an interesting year financially—but perhaps not exactly as you expect. In this sector of life, some forward-looking healing takes place. You understand that wealth without a spiritually pure life is more of a burden. The changes taking place from the roots of your being also dictate surprising acts of courage and individuality in your career. Listen to your intuition and your soul!


It is a good year for you. You receive celestial influences from Jupiter, which you benefit from once every twelve years. So it would be good to draw up new plans for your life and activities. This is a time of significant change for you on all levels of life.

You will change your mentality, your thinking, and your communication. Consequently, you will also form a new moral and spiritual value system that you will follow for a long time to come. The professional segment hosts important behind-the-scenes games. Apparently, there is harmony at work. Bosses and colleagues seem to support you, but issues are brewing behind closed doors that you only feel but can’t quite understand.

The year 2022 is a year that shouldn’t bring you any significant challenges or headaches. It is recommended that you continue to work on your personal development, and various opportunities may arise in your life. It is vital to establish a loving relationship with yourself to attract people at the same level of development as you.


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