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About Modern Mystic Nicole Marie

Where Nicole Marie is now….

Current Life

After overcoming her own challenges with illness, Nicole’s passion is spreading hope to others and helping them on their own journeys in a sustainable way. Giving others the same sense of possibility she felt, and giving back to the community, are what keeps her going. She operates Modern Mystics with her son, and is dedicated to supporting small miners and natives. Nicole Marie gives back to the community through her nonprofit Leading Leaf, which supports Project Iris in providing plant education to the disadvantaged community members.

Business Endeavors

Nicole provides consultations for businesses and divination readings, but mostly focuses on astrology and authoring books to help others discover their own magic. Her popular astrology planner is in demand for yet another year, and are a highly requested item from her social media followers. These allow Nicole to enable readers to become the best version of themselves with astrology guidance, self assessments, and goal planning.

Nicole is based in Nevada, but several of her popular items can be found online.

Nicole Marie’s Roots

Ancestry paints the picture…

Nicole Marie comes from a long line of hard-working immigrants whose unique cultural backgrounds, numerous hardships, and vast experiences have inspired her to craft her practice that focuses on astrological communication. Her paternal grandfather arrived in the United States from Sicily as a child with his parents and ten siblings, ultimately ending up in Brooklyn, New York, where the family spent most of their time working in the shoe industry to make a living. In contrast, her paternal grandmother came to the United States from Milan and was raised by a single mother, Kay, the first in the family to raise two children on her own without the help of a man.

Kay didn’t know it at the time but would become such an inspiration to future generations of the family, including Nicole Marie, because she was determined to make a living for her children. Utilizing her skills as a needleworker she opened a woman-owned and operated seamstress business in the downtown section of New York, hiring her brothers to help with the workload. Kay started the company during a time when most women weren’t single mothers, and they surely weren’t starting businesses of their own. Profiting from her talents by making a living out of something she was good at doing, Kay was a revolutionary woman of her time. In addition to running the seamstress business, she supported her two children throughout their education while allowing them to work for the business for years until they got married and had children of their own.

Both grandparents from her father’s side were highly spiritual people deeply invested in the Catholic Church. While her paternal grandmother’s side was more traditional, her paternal grandfather’s side consisted of modern-day Catholics, with both sides devoted to the Catholic Saints and the Motherland of Italy.

Nicole’s incredible family history doesn’t stop there. Her maternal grandfather was Calabrese and migrated to the United States from Italy when he was a child. Nicole’s great grandmother, Ada, was known as a spiritualist in tune with everything around her. She was half English and half Spanish, migrating from Spain to New Orleans when she was a small child, where she tapped into her spiritual side at a young age. She would eventually decide to move to Mexico and became an official citizen while having 13 children and regularly practicing a combination of New Orleans magic and Mexican Catholicism. Guadalupe, one of those 13 children, is Nicole’s grandmother, an incredible woman indigenous to Mexico with plenty of cultural experience of her own. Guadalupe’s father was Aztec and Spanish whose family was affluent in Mexico City. His mother was the wise woman in her community and passed along her spiritualism to her

The combination of Roman Catholic, Mexican, Native, and Italian heritage rooted deep within her has helped shape Nicole Marie into who she is today, an experienced astrologer passionate about her practice while giving back to the community through her non-profit work. Whenever she goes through challenges in life, she starts to think of the amazing stories of survival and perseverance amongst her ancestors, particularly regarding Kay for becoming a self-made entrepreneur when women running businesses was such a rare concept. The inspirational stories of her ancestors have kept Nicole Marie focused on doing what she loves while bringing out the absolute best in others.

Kay didn’t know it at the time but she would become such an inspiration to future generations of the family…..

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