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Project Iris

Project Iris is the flagship program of Nicole Marie Inc.’s nonprofit organization, The Leading Leaf. The goal of the nonprofit is to bring sustainability into homes and businesses within the community. This is a subsidiary of Nicole Marie Inc and a sister company to Modern Mystics by Nicole Marie Inc – the purpose is to spread knowledge and hope.

Our Belief

Nicole Marie launched this first idea, Project Iris, in order to fill a need she saw in her community. Her dream is to teach economically disadvantaged students and community members to live healthier, more sustainable lives. The goal is to bring gardens and plant education straight to the people who need it most. Nicole wants to provide other people the same hope and sense of possibility she felt after recovering from serious illnesses. She believes children in particular desperately need to see their magic come to life. Seeing what they can create in the world gives them hope, purpose, and knowledge to make their lives more fulfilling. And Project Iris is working to do just that.

Non-Profit Status
Project Iris is in the works of obtaining it’s 503(c) standing. This means at this time we are unable to accept donations directly.


This is all done without costing the community members money or giving them additional financial hardship. With the help of purchases from Modern Mystic customers, Project Iris is able to complete its mission and give back to support others.