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Astrological Transits in April 2022

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius (April 5, 2022)

Prepare to crave connection and community. Mars, the Planet of Action, will leave one of its favorite signs of Capricorn on March 6 and enter forward-thinking Aquarius, where it will remain for more than a month, until April 14. Although Mars will regret its time as a sea goat, we can harness the forthcoming Aquarian energy to take some serious and significant action in our own lives and as a collective.

Mars in Aquarius lacks the fierce fire that we associate with the Warrior Planet. We are battling for freedom under Mars in Aquarius, but we are doing so with our ideas, visions, and brains. This impact reminds us that our mind is our most powerful weapon, and that magic happens when we come together for a common goal.

Because this transit bestows us with brilliant, higher-level concepts to better not only our everyday lives, but society as a whole, now is the moment to revolutionize our way of life. Under this airy influence, our minds are clear, and we feel liberated and empowered to think and act in fresh, possibly unexpected ways. We can picture a brighter future and the steps we must take to get there.

Aquarius is a sign that focuses on the collective, and after achieving some personal goals through actions taken during Mars’ Capricorn period, it is important to remember that you do not exist in a vacuum, and it is prudent to consider how your own agenda fits in with the surrounding environment, with the interests of people around you.

Now is the moment to focus our efforts on communication, feedback exchange, network building, and making new relationships. Aquarius is associated with ideals and principles, so look for these relationships among like-minded people. Attend a networking event, either online or in person, reach out to people you admire, or focus on strengthening bonds with friends and family. While we are powerful on our own, we are even more powerful when we work together.

Another planet will accompany Mars as it enters Aquarius on March 6. Venus, Mars’s counterpart, enters Aquarius on the same day Mars does. On that day, these two will make a conjunction, which will result in big love decisions.

For a few days before and after, the atmosphere will be charged with love and passion. It will be a good moment to act romantically, either to start a new relationship or to take an existing relationship to the next level.

Also, look out for April 5, Mars will intersect Saturn, the Planet of Structure and Karma. For a few days before and after the date, you may feel as if you’re not advancing as quickly as you’d want, as if something is impeding your progress. Take advantage of this time to relax and recharge. There will be ample time to finish what you started. Resting is always important, but take additional precautions this day to avoid overexerting yourself.

Aquarius is all about group energy. When that is combined with Mars’s ability to act, real change is unavoidable. Use this opportunity to speak out against social and societal inequalities that concern us. Under this transit, Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac, makes these issues impossible to ignore. If you’ve been having trouble with anything, do some research about it. People who are leaders in their field or community should be followed.

It can be overwhelming to consider these big challenges or to believe that one individual cannot make a difference, but when we all work together, we can produce a tidal wave of change. During this passage, there is a particularly potent potential for revolution. Accept it.

Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces (12 April, 2022)

The key conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune will occur on 12 April 2022 at 24 degrees Pisces, with Neptune’s impact on Jupiter increasing once Jupiter passes within fifteen degrees of Neptune on 27 January. Jupiter will remain within fifteen degrees of Neptune for the rest of 2022 (finishing the year within nine degrees of Neptune), creating a long-lasting effect from their April rendezvous.

Jupiter’s passage through Pisces will be extremely significant because Jupiter has sovereignty in its own sign, allowing Jupiter to express itself fully and immediately. Although Jupiter is known in astrology as the great benefic, this does not mean that transits from Jupiter always result in happy and joyful events. It is crucial to note that one of Jupiter’s primary connotations is a fruitful life force that may be both expansive and binding in terms of understanding, creativity, and finding a sense of order within our experiences. Furthermore, Jupiter’s moist mutability in Pisces will boost his capacity for collecting and uniting sources of inspiration, strengthening Jupiter’s potential for synthesizing meaning and distilling wisdom from our experiences, developing a new mix of ideas in the process.

Jupiter’s nocturnal home is Pisces, an aquatic scene consisting of gushing springs and vast seas that emphasizes Jupiter’s infinite nature. In contrast to Jupiter’s fiery domicile of Sagittarius, where it moves quickly with outward zeal, the mutable and nocturnal water of Pisces slows Jupiter’s pace and allows introspective contemplation, allowing us to descend into embodiment of our soulful essence. With Jupiter soaking in its watery home of Pisces, its waves can wash over and weave in between the areas we’ve been divided, creating a presence that can bring together unconnected aspects of our inner diversity. Jupiter in Pisces can provide an experience of abundance by aligning us with our basic nature and ideals by taking our time and acting with the flow of surrounding nature rather than trying to force things to happen.

With Neptune’s disintegrating maelstrom conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, the coherence we achieve through Jupiter will be called into question. Because of Neptune’s destabilizing influence on Jupiter, it will be critical to embrace not knowing and to be open to discovering the numerous ways we are interconnected across time and space with all beings, both human and nonhuman. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will entail a dive into the dissolution of our old beliefs, embodying the essence that will eventually coagulate out of our inner life’s disintegrating stirring.

While Jupiter seeks personal significance to assist cohere awareness for how our personal lives are significant within a greater framework, Neptune is the polar opposite of personal enrichment since it exposes our sense of egoic control as an illusion that we must transcend or release.

Partial solar eclipse (30 April, 2022)

Our view of the sun will be obstructed to some extent on Saturday, April 30, 2022, due to the new moon passing between the sun and the Earth. The event is known as a ‘partial solar eclipse,’ and it will take place in the sign of Taurus.

Solar eclipses usher in fresh beginnings while marking the end of old ones. They have an influence on you for around six months. Change is unavoidable and will affect many aspects of your life. Taurus is the ruler of possessions, comfort, sensuality, and familiarity, as well as ownership, values, safety, material sources, and safety.

As a result, the eclipse will make you feel safer and more at ease in your surroundings. It will also open up new avenues for earning money. You would be able to boost your self-esteem. It would force you to cut off contact with those who no longer offer value to your life.

For you, the shift could be in your house, wardrobe, diet plans, employment, career path, or relationships. In your relationships, you will feel extremely close and sensuous. It is time for you to spread your wings and fly independently. It is the ideal time to visit highland areas and go hiking. Taurus loves greenery, so a stroll through it would be refreshing.

However, the eclipse may cause you to become stubborn and overconfident. If you don’t hold your horses and speak before you think, you can be welcoming bad rather than positive change.

Also, before gazing at the sun, put on some safety goggles to protect your eyes from the rays.