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Direct Invite to Love Out Loud: Venus in Leo

Love feels grandiose as Venus enters the sign of Leo starting August 11th till September 5th. This transit is full of larger than life vibes, having us lavishing others with money as we’ll feel more warmhearted and expressive. While we may feel more prone to self-centeredness, Venus in Leo is proud and attention-seeking in all matters of love.

What to Expect During This Transit

The Venus in Leo transit can be a time of prosperity and fun. Participate in activities such as parties, contests, or recreational things such as jewelry making or art. Generosity and warmth can help us get the most out of our resources. We can also feel special and stand out in this period. The negative expression of this position suggests we are only interested in the effects of our lavish lifestyles.

  • August 12 – Venus Trine Neptune / Opposite Pluto

Even if we don’t want to believe it, the overall idea of love still feels rather boring. If you are in a relationship, then things may be tense at home. If you are single, you have been longing for someone to come home to. This period is giving us time to heal in the love department by focusing on ourselves, no matter the temptations of the cosmos’ recent rose-colored-glasses energy.

  • August 14 – Venus Trine Jupiter in Aries

The urge to break free of your routine and run amuck is triggered by the fire energies of this transit. It can be a good time to stop and follow your heart’s desires, as long as it doesn’t cause financial hardship. Find creative ways to indulge your compulsions.

  • August 17 – Venus Square Moon in Taurus

Anxiety around love will cause some unsettled feelings or managing finances will feel desperate. Practice restraint in spending and be mindful of obsessive thinking. Self care today to feel more balanced.

  • August 19 – Venus Trine Chiron in Aries

Feminine energy is all around in abundance. Find ways to be vulnerable and lean into life’s softer sides with tender love and care. Take this time to love up on yourself in preparation for the coming days.

  • August 20 – Venus Sextile Moon in Gemini

Today brings a lot of needed blessings and a lighter energy to the mix. An attitude of gratitude will go far and make today a happier day.

  • August 21 – Venus Square the Nodes

This transit will allow you to make some important decisions regarding your finances and love. In the next few days, one door will close but another will open. There will be a major financial decision that needs to be made, and a lover is likely to leave or come back to you.

  • August 22 – Venus Squares Uranus in Taurus

An exciting new creative project may be starting, but it might also bring with it some tensions and resistances. Try to go with the flow as this unstable transit perfects.

  • August 25 & 26 – Venus Opposes Saturn / Venus Conjunct Moon

A good time to pause and assess your relationships. You might need to take a break from your social calendar and consider your commitments, or you might have to deal with issues with your partner or lack of one. A practical approach to money and love can help ease tension. This is a good time to take a break from the hustle and bustle.

  • August 31 – Venus Sextile Moon

The perfect time to count our blessings while watching them bloom and grow.

Venus in Leo by Rising Sign

When Venus enters Leo, your astrology will show an emphasis on generosity, love, pride, luck and tenderheartedness as associated with each house’s ruling aspects.

Let’s dive into how each rising sign will be affected by Venus’ transit into Leo.

Aries Rising – 5th House

The house of creativity, self-expression, orgasms, attention, and children; this transit provides a great opportunity to indulge in creative drives and pleasure pursuits. Your enjoyment can be your mandate in the coming weeks.

Taurus Rising – 4th House

The house of ancestry, family, traditions, maternal, and safe places; it’s time to celebrate your home and chosen family. If you have an exceptional creative inheritance, now would be the time to get in touch and explore it further. Focus on grounding practices that provide the ultimate comfort.

Gemini Rising – 3rd House

The house of writing, communication, elementary education, and siblings; this transit will have you working on various tasks such as gathering knowledge, creating written works and gossiping with friends. Be sure to take a break instead of getting too attached to the moment.

Cancer Rising – 2nd House

The house of value, possessions, material things, and money; you’ll have an opportunity to show off your creative side, and potential customers or superiors will start to notice. Take a break from your routine to reflect on everything that makes you feel rich.

Leo Rising – 1st House

The house of self, beginnings, and attitude; take space from the mundane and let your inner rebel take over. Hold space for your feelings and participate in other forms of self care. A great opportunity to take major action.

Virgo Rising – 12th House

The house of karma, endings, and healing; it’s time to recharge your batteries and let your creativity flow in private. Some spiritual doubts may arise at this time, be sure to take the time to cultivate what works and take advantage of any opportunities that come up.

Libra Rising – 11th House

The house of wishes, network, friends, and humanitarian efforts; help lift the spirits of those who need it most. This is about not going at anything alone, as opportunities will arise requiring your influence. Be sure to have any contracts or finances in good order.

Scorpio Rising – 10th House

The house of career, reputation and status; a steady light is readily navigating you towards fulfilling your life mission. Take time to honor the deeper questions of life as you work on your professional goals.

Sagittarius Rising – 9th House

The house of travel, higher education, and spirituality; avoid burnout as your spiritual goals get a boost. How can you innovate or reimagine your work or creative projects? Time for a new vision board.

Capricorn Rising – 8th House

The house of sex, magic, and transformation; remain open to new concepts and collaborations, but grounded in the process of these breakthroughs. Throw the rule book out the window.

Aquarius Rising – 7th House

The house of relationships, marriages, and partnerships; shine a light on your significant others and celebrate them for their unique contributions to your life. Focus on remaining diplomatic in conversations with others.

Pisces Rising – 6th House

The house of routine, health, and pets; a great opportunity to add more playfulness to your working day by indulging in breaks and self care. You might feel slightly frustrated, be sure to remain compassionate.