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Full Moon in Aquarius Pushing a Collective Restart

The full moon in Aquarius reaches its peak this Thursday, August 11, 2022, stirring up all the intense and serious energy surrounding it. We’re likely to experience break ups within all types of relationships, freedom from old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve us, or we’ll just flat out be breaking down in defiance from all the pressure. Each month we do curate moon boxes that will help attune to the energies of each New Moon and Full Moon phase through our subscription program which you can access through our shop.

When a full moon occurs, the moon and the sun are in direct opposition. Due to this, the earth is between the moon and the sun, which allows the sun to glow through the moon and illuminate the earth. The three elements work together to bounce energy off each other. This will be happening at 6:36pm pacific/9:36pm eastern time on August 11th.

Full moons are naturally intense and can be typically unpredictable, this lunar transit enters the fixed air sign of Aquarius, pushing us towards our more cerebral and rebellious selves. Aquarius also rules the 11th house of support, governing relationships and community efforts, creating a need to reevaluate the circles we are in.

A focus for the August full moon is on friendships, forgiveness and break ups. With the erratic nature a full moon can present, this moon in Aquarius may cause some petty bickering within your friend groups. Rise above this by initiating one-on-one friend dates versus group events. Allow these dates to inspire you to relax into your feelings while you indulge in a shared guilty pleasure.

Aquarius energy is known for being incredibly opinionated, rebellious, and driven to create change. Those born under this influence are also noted for being highly creative and outspoken and are often driven by a desire to strike out against convention. This is due to their modern ruler, the unpredictable Uranus, who is responsible for overseeing radical change and innovation.

Because this lunation falls in Aquarius, people may begin to think more critically about their projects, providing them an opportunity to start finally make the important decisions they’ve been procrastinating on. An urge to support humanitarian efforts or science-based projects may also arise during this full moon, encouraging the involvement in social or charitable events.

Although the full moon in Aquarius can be a time of intense feelings, this sign prefers to stay focused on the facts instead of reacting to them in a way that’s too emotional. Meaning, this full moon will likely have us dealing with situations requiring more analytical solutions.

Transits Affecting this Full Moon

The energy of Aquarius is known to bring a variety of positive and original ideas, and it can be used to create a welcoming and diverse community. However, its negative expression can be destructive and detached. We can use this full moon in Aquarius energy to release old beliefs and develop new ideas, helping us navigate through the various aspects of its Saturnian qualities also present right now.

The full moon in Aquarius is accompanied by a handful of major transits; Venus enters the sign of Leo as the moon conjuncts a retrograde Saturn, and squared Uranus in Taurus. Collectively, these events are making it difficult for us to focus on what’s not working for us. However, with the help of Venus in Leo, we’ll begin to believe that we can make the right decisions in what to release from our lives.

This full moon is also highlighting an opposition between Aquarius and its sister sign, Leo. This opposition will have us torn between a strong desire to do what’s best for the collective and our desire to soak up the limelight on a stage all our own. For a deeper dive in the transits of the month you can reference our August transits by clicking: here.

The Venus in Leo transit can provide us with a time of fun and prosperity, helping us feel special as we stand out from the crowd. This aspect gives us a glimmer of hope within the heavier aspects of this full moon, providing us with the support we need to have confidence in the decisions we’re being asked to make.

  • Moon Conjunct Saturn

Saturn’s influence is always a serious one, and its conjunction with the moon is no exception. Saturn is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius so this conjunction furthers the seriousness of the Saturnian energy. This retrograding planet of boundaries and structure is inspiring plenty of disciplinarian energy, moving us to take responsibility around our emotional spaces. With the moon in conjunction with Saturn, we’re being asked to care for our relationships by actually putting in the work. With this emotionally charged situation, we’re being guided to take much needed action regarding our relations, or to finally make a decision about a professional avenue. 

  • Squared Uranus in Taurus

Mars energy kicked off the month of August and is now intermingling with the full moon’s emergence into the sign of Aquarius and Saturn’s retrograde. Mars’ action energy is moving away from Uranus’ sense of revolution in fixed-earth sign Taurus–this start, stop energy may have your head spinning.

Uranus is activated during this full moon with a direct square to the moon. If you’re feeling especially frustrated, take the opportunity to recognize any obsessive thoughts and deal with the emotions that are bothering you. Manage your stress levels to best avoid this headache-inducing period. It’s largely possible that a loved one is acting strange and maybe even upsetting the normal routine. The best thing to do in this situation is to take a step back and assess, they will likely surprise you in a way you are not expecting. Try and avoid willful behavior and remain open to the possibility of new things being revealed.

Keeping the above transits in mind, we’ll now explore how the full moon in Aquarius will affect each rising sign.

Full Moon in Aquarius by Rising Sign

The full moon initiates a climax within our goals, inspiring the need to release what no longer serves us and finalize next steps of action, or harvesting what we’ve created up to this point. The moon’s fullness in the fixed-air sign of Aquarius will affect each rising sign as follows:

Aries Rising – 11th House

The house of wishes, network, friends, and humanitarian efforts; put aside your own interests and focus on how you can collaborate with others to fix some discontentment’s within the collective. Get help from your friends and network and start a rebellion to shake up the status quo.

Taurus Rising – 10th House

The house of career, reputation and status; you’re currently calculating your next career move while in the midst of finishing up a recent endeavor. Aquarius energy is inspiring you to embrace your best self and shatter the glass ceiling. Face what’s holding you back, have faith, and then step up to the plate.

Gemini Rising – 9th House

The house of travel, legal, higher education, and spirituality; you are being asked to pause on any major travel plans, education, or legal implications. This full moon is reminding you to slow down while embracing the firm push against your comfort zone inspiring your personal growth. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Break free from the typical thought processes that you (or others) place upon you, this is a chance to align with an energy that will allow you to think outside the box.

Cancer Rising – 8th House

The house of sex, magic, taboo, and transformation; its possible to still care for your loved ones while also caring for yourself through established and maintained boundaries that keep you comfortable. Now would be a great time to reflect on your relationship goals or express your intimate needs with your partner(s). Reach out to someone who knows how to help you get back on track.

Leo Rising – 7th House

The house of relationships, marriages, and partnerships; this lunation marks the end to how you’ve previously navigated your one-on-one relationships, creating a powerful reminder for you to be more firm going forward to better cultivate the safety you need from your partners and friends. Make the changes necessary to start this new journey.

Virgo Rising – 6th House

The house of routine, health, and pets; no one’s surprised you’ve burnt yourself out Virgo child, as you’ve only been focused on the hustle. This full moon is sitting you down hard for some much needed self-care. Recharge your batteries, and then create a solid system to legitimately prevent future burnouts.

Libra Rising – 5th House

The house of creativity, self-expression, orgasms, attention, and children; ground yourself into the present moment as you lean into your natural sense of romantic and artistic expressions. Throw your plans out the window and give yourself permission to play as hard as you work.

Scorpio Rising – 4th House

The house of ancestry, family, traditions, maternal, and safe places; you will find you’re more supported by others than you realize, open up those wounds of the past to a trusted confidant so you can finally let them go. Find ways to connect to your ancestry and family, either by songs or recipes, as this tribute will support your current state of transition. If you are in a state of domestic turmoil it’s the perfect time to tether yourself to people closest to you – it’s ok to say you love them.

Sagittarius Rising – 3th House

The house of writing, communication, elementary education, and siblings; it’s time to rethink your self-talk and how you strategize communications. Think critically and creatively, and get others involved in the conversation.

Capricorn Rising – 2nd House

The house of value, possessions, material things, and money; this full moon is giving you the necessary push to shore up a financial project you’ve been working on recently. Aquarius energy encourages you to turn that same focus towards investing in yourself. Take full advantage of any creative or spontaneous opportunities.

Aquarius Rising – 1st House

The house of self, beginnings, and attitude; drop into your feelings and sit comfortably with them instead of rationalizing them away with logic. Prepare for a complete system overhaul and upgrade through this self-actualization phase as you take action towards your personal goals.

Pisces Rising – 12th House

The house of karma, endings, and healing; take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come and where you still want to go. This full moon in Aquarius helps you connect to the spiritual realm, driving the need for rest and rejuvenation as well as enhanced dream states.