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Full Moon in Cancer 2022

Prepare your favourite Netflix dramedy and a box of tissues, because the first full moon of 2022 is approaching, and it’s going to make you cry. On January 17, 2022, the full wolf moon will enter emotionally sensitive Cancer, illuminating the night sky and tugging at your heartstrings. After all the hard work you’ve been doing in the spirit of Capricorn season, you’ll be asked to sit and assess your complex emotions, which you’ll need. You can finally put your razor-sharp focus on your work on hold and be inspired to investigate your feelings during this emotionally-charged craze. However, if you belong to one of the zodiac signs most affected by the full Wolf moon in January 2022, you should be prepared. However, if you’re one of the zodiac signs most affected by the full Wolf moon in January 2022, it may be a little more complicated than simply shifting your focus.

The full wolf moon in January 2022 got its name because wolves were often heard howling around this time, and people used to think it was because they were hungry during the cold winter months. Full moons in astrology denote the lunar phase when the moon is at its brightest and fullest, acting as a metaphor for the blazing truths realised through personal reflections and emotional analysis. It represents a time for release and manifestation, and since this is the first full moon of the year, you can expect whatever you’ve resolved to release in the new year to come to a head during the full moon — and if you have trouble facing your emotional side, this could be a difficult lunation for you. Furthermore, because Cancer is ruled by the moon, you may be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Are you ready to see if this intense lunacy will hit you harder than others? Continue reading to see if you’re one of the few zodiac signs that will be most affected by the full wolf moon in January 2022.

Effect of Full Moon in Cancer on Zodiac Signs


Are you getting teary-eyed more than usual, Aries? That’s probably because the full moon is approaching your home and family territory, and you’re experiencing a wave of nostalgia. However, try not to dwell on too many dark memories from your past. This full wolf moon in Cancer will ask you to get clear on your centre from a place of intuition. Are you treating yourself like it’s your first home? What do you need to let go of and declutter during the full moon so you can make room for what you truly love?


Taurus, the full moon is shining on your third house of communication, siblings, short- distance travel, and neighbours. You can feel compelled to speak your mind and share your beliefs with others in a more genuine way than before. Some of you may notice a shift in your neighbours’ behaviour at home or in the lives of your siblings. The Cancer full moon making a positive aspect to Uranus retrograde in Taurus has been pushing you to figure out what you truly value. Embrace your individuality.


Your bank account is having a good time right now, Gemini. This craziness is lighting up your financial and security house, so you’ll be too preoccupied with chasing that cash flow to worry about anything else. It’s all about settling in and looking after your financial well- being.

Because you may take a more intellectual approach to processing emotions and intuition, Gemini, you’re a little disconnected from the watery full moon in Cancer. Expect this craziness to reveal a strong emotional attachment to your assets. Because of the lunation’s nurturing abilities, securing your resources comes almost naturally.


When your native planet visits your sign, Cancer, it’s always an exciting time in the sky because you can finally rest your bones from taking care of others and focus on quality self- care. But not without some serious thought.

Positive vibes from the full moon in Cancer! You’ve spent so much time empowering yourself and prioritising your own needs. Consider how this full wolf moon in your sign can assist you in affirming your own identity and strongest convictions.

Because this lunation is moving into your subconscious house, Leo, you’re reflecting on how your upbringing shaped your ambitions, mindset, and outlook on life. You’re known for having a good time, but the full moon is asking you to be serious for a moment.


Leo, you’ve always been a powerful yet gentle force. Allow this full Wolf moon in Cancer to reveal your softer side, those aspects of yourself that don’t always get the attention they deserve on the surface. You are a sensitive individual. How can Cancer Feelings assist you in reconnecting with yourself?

With the full moon in your private 12th house, you are experiencing a private yet pivotal energy. The subconscious mind, seclusion, and intuition are all ruled by this sector of your horoscope. You may experience sudden bursts of wisdom or insight that prompt you to make a drastic change in your work or health routine. This year, you’ve realised that the devil is in the details when it comes to achieving your lofty career goals. Prioritizing your health should be your top priority.


The full moon has an impact on your groups, friends, and social network, Virgo. This lunation is in your 11th house, and it is pushing you to be more public with your truth. Perhaps you didn’t set firm boundaries in the past, or you kept quiet on social media because you were afraid of other people’s reactions. The truth, on the other hand, can both liberate and help you grow as a person. It’s critical to be surrounded by people who respect you.


Libra, you’re on the verge of a career shift. Your 10th house of career and professional matters is illuminated by the Cancer full moon. If you are employed, you may feel compelled to change directions with your own company or the company for which you work. If you’re looking for a new job, something may come up that is more in line with your goals. For the next best move, listen to your higher self and intuition.


This lunation is transiting your ninth house of philosophy and travel, Scorpio, so it’s all about sharpening your wits, learning about new cultures, and realising a potential passion. Use this time to learn a new skill or learn about a new country.

With recent travels, Scorpio, you may not have much to reflect on, but it may feel more reflective of your educational opportunities to further hone intuition. The emotional appraisal comes naturally because Scorpio forms a trine to the full moon in Cancer, and you feel at ease in the watery abyss of this lunation.


Sagittarius, what’s been holding you back? Because this lunation is transiting your house of rebirth and transformation, this full moon is all about making adjustments to your usual hectic routine.

Make sure you replenish your energy, Sagittarius. This full wolf moon in Cancer encourages you to take some time to reflect and slow down. What one aspect of yourself would you improve if you had the chance?


The first full moon of 2022 is approaching, and it’ll give you a break from the hustle of Capricorn season so you can get to know yourself better. On Jan. 17, the full wolf moon will fall in the ultra-sensitive and high-key psychic sign of Cancer, so expect emotional catharsis. Cancer energy is all about taking care of yourself and others, as well as connecting with the most personal aspects of your life: your home and family. Expect your emotions to be tender and sweet, with a dash of emotional drama thrown in for good measure.

Capricorn, you’ve had an intense year as a result of the major Capricorn stellium (three or more planets) challenging you to evolve, grow, and shift. The full moon in Cancer, your opposite sign, in your seventh house of romantic and business relationships, is pushing you to incorporate this into your interpersonal relationships. Receiving the nurturing that you may not have been receiving can be a major theme for you going forward, as well as a non- negotiable.


You can relax, Aquarius, knowing that your emotions will be spared — not that you were worried about that. This powerful lunation is activating your sixth house of routine and work, so you’ll be doing more mundane tasks than spiritual cleansing. You’ll feel at ease with Cancer’s reassuring presence assisting you in your daily tasks.

Aquarius’ intuition and emotional gravity are less connected to Cancerian energy, so the full moon may not enhance Aquarius’ intuition or emotional gravity. Since the new moon in Capricorn, the lunation’s effects may have gradually manifested. As a result, you may already be more aware of your daily activities, particularly healthy habits such as eating and exercising.


The full moon in Cancer, Pisces, energises your fifth house of children, self-expression, creative projects, and joy. Spend time with your own children, or you might find out you’re expecting a new arrival. If not, this full moon may herald the beginning of a new creative project that has been simmering in the back of your mind for a while. The moon’s favourable aspect to revolutionary Uranus in your third house of communication encourages you to pursue your innovative ideas.