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Full Moon in Libra 2022

A little community named Huacachina sits on the outskirts of an oasis in Peru’s arid southwest. Asthma and other diseases may be alleviated by the mud and water from the lagoon in the vicinity. Tourists go across 500-meter-high sand dunes to relax in low-key green luxury before returning to the hard circumstances of the world.

Imagining the Full Moon in Libra on April 17th as a celestial Huacachina could be helpful in coping with the harsh heat and terrain of Mars-ruled Aries, which is fueled by the Cardinal fire of Libra.

Because the full moon is usually in a sign that is polar opposite to the current season, it provides an opportunity to counteract the prevailing attitude of the month. With the “me-first” energy of the Ram in full effect, we are on high alert for anything that can jeopardize our feeling of individual sovereignty. To be successful, we need this driving force in our lives.

However, going all-in by yourself may be isolating. Go with the Libra Full Moon! It’ll help us find a better sense of equilibrium with regard to our professional and romantic relationships by the middle of the month. Why?

Every full moon makes us more emotional, but it’s the sign it’s in that affects how we express our sentiments about love, friendships, and careers among other things. Our mental well- being and our relationships with others will benefit greatly from the calm and thoughtful energy of Libra’s impending New Moon. This is logical. When it comes to the ego, Aries rules the roost, whereas Libra governs the realm of interpersonal relations. Both Aries and Libra are one-of-a-kind.

The Moon in Libra is also ruled by the benefit Venus, so it should have something to do with love, beauty, and money. Spend time with loved ones or a romantic interest. Take a break from your professional duties. Decorate the house and get to know some new people.

Observation, balance, deliberation, harmony, beautification, measurement, collaboration, complementarity—these are the guiding concepts of the 17th lunar sign of Libra. If you are a Libra, the Full Moon in Libra will be illuminating distinct parts of your horoscope. Below you’ll find your own Libra Full Moon horoscope.


Ram, this season has been all about you, but now it’s all about them (a business partner, a spouse, or any other significant relationship). Make a Chenin Blanc at night and listen to work- or love-related worries as the Libra Full Moon lights your Partnership sector


The Libra Full Moon illuminates your Health and Diet sector, so concentrate on establishing harmony with a well-balanced diet during this time of the month. As long as Venus is in charge of both you and Libra, you should put up a fight against your inclination toward debauchery. In order to avoid tipping the Scales, keep everything light and airy.


Twins, you’ve got an extra dose of romance this week thanks to the Full Moon in Venus-ruled Libra. This is a great time to go out on a date with your significant other. To avoid being unsure about where you’re going to supper on the night of a Libra Moon, make a choice ahead of time. The plan is solid.


The Libra Full Moon is in your Home zone, which is a fortunate location for someone with your affinity for the warmth of a fireplace. A huge wooden bowl filled to the brim with alluring flowers, like the Moon, is a good place to start (Venus) if you want to create a sense of balance (Libra).


The Libra Full Moon has lighted up your area of communication. Use this focused energy to sit down and address any unresolved concerns with a colleague, friend, or loved one. This is a transportation that promotes peace. If you’re in this zone, it’s okay if you use some kind words to your siblings.


The Libra Full Moon shines a spotlight on your financial sector, making it an ideal time to make sure your monthly budget is in order (the kind of activity that thrills your precise Virgo heart). However, because Venus (the planet of money) controls Libra, this may be a good time to treat yourself. Instead of making a choice, you could do both. That, too, is extremely good.


In the Ego zone, the Libra Full Moon shines Venusian light on you. This is your day to speak about what you want and need, rather than analyzing the possibilities of a potential mate. It’s also a good day to pamper yourself (Venus) with a gold-encrusted luxury item.


In general, the Full Moon brightens the sky, but it may also reveal hidden items. This lunation is transiting your Secrets sector, which can lead to profound revelations. Make a list of items that no longer serve you from this vantage point; this is an excellent opportunity for closure. It’s a good time to pay attention to your dreams since this area of the horoscope deals with the subconscious.


During the Libra Full Moon, ask a friend what they’d like to accomplish on April 17th to bring peace and harmony to your Friend Zone. Regardless of whether you like playing poker or miniature golf, the idea is to consider the wishes of a buddy while making decisions about your own feelings.


Make sure you’re balancing work and life during this Full Moon in Libra, which is transiting your Career area. Aries season is a hectic time of year, which you like, but you also need some time to recharge. If there are any debates at all, it should be about whether or not to provide Japanese or Italian food. Capiche?


During this Libra Full Moon, your Philosophy area is emphasized. It goes without saying that Libra is concerned with ensuring that everyone is treated equally and fairly. Consider reading John Rawls’ classic Theory of Justice, or at the very least familiarize yourself with his “veil of ignorance” argument.


An emotional congress is just what nature intended for you. The Libra Full Moon illuminates your 8th House of Intimacy, Sex, and Shared Finances, so you’re in luck. In order to keep your checkbook in order, you’ll need this lunacy, and it’s perfect for doing so on top of your helpmate as well.

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