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Full Moon in Virgo 2022

In astrology, Virgo is a grounded earth sign that represents health, cleanliness, and attention to detail. Pisces, on the other hand, is an intuitive water sign that moves and flows based on emotion rather than reality. The beneficial synthesis of these energies allows for emotional release, allowing us to move forward and create while under its influence. The cold moon is well titled since it can feel like the harshest portion of winter in the northern hemisphere, before the harsh circumstances soften in preparation for spring.

The Virgo full moon provides an opportunity for manifestation through abrupt adjustments. The connection, which forms a harmonic aspect with Uranus in Taurus, transforms visions and ideas into practical reality through the energy of Earth. Much of what was postponed or brewing beneath the surface during Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius will be completed in accordance with this Virgo full moon. Keep in mind, though, that events or changes might occur for up to two weeks after the full moon, and while change can be upsetting, realise that it is meant to help you stabilise and align with your highest good in the long term.

Use the potent energy of this full moon in Virgo to delve inward and analyse what you need to heal and move past any recent problems. Learn how to harness the healing power of the Virgo full moon for your sign in the sections below.

What the powerful Virgo full moon signifies for your zodiac sign:


The moon is shining a light on your health, well-being, and daily routine, and the cosmos is urging you to make a change. You may have been burning the candle at both ends, particularly with your tasks, and now is the time to focus on your physical body and reduce your workload. You may now be inspired to begin publicly expressing creative dreams and ideas that you previously kept private.

Your full-moon self-care tip: As a fire sign, you naturally have a lot of energy, but you, too, can burn out. On the day of the full moon, rejuvenate and reconnect with your inner world with a moment of restoration. Bathe in an energy-cleansing bath, and burn lavender incense to encourage relaxation.


The Virgo full moon illuminates your fifth house of creativity, children, and self-expression. You may start a new creative project that stems from your connections and corresponds with your long-term goals. Some Tauruses may embark on a new romance or devote their attention to children. Take advantage of this moment to assert your personal power, to dream large, and to be open to new opportunities.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Spending this full moon writing a nurturing letter to your inner child might be a beneficial way to spend your time. Is it possible that you are too hard on yourself, that you want perfection, or that you are ashamed of speaking your truth? Begin re- creating these stories, focusing on self-love and letting go of judgement. This therapy will help you to fully experience the full moon’s good energy.


In order to match with your ambitions, your home may go through some growth or adjustment. This could be due to new renovations, individuals leaving, or a relocation. Accept it as a chance to feel more emotionally grounded and relieve some of the inner tension you’ve been experiencing.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Because life changes concerning your foundation and internal world might add strain, releasing this energy through breathwork at this time can provide you with the energy you need to undertake the work and planning that is expected of you. On the day of the full moon, take some time to rejuvenate your busy mind and energy centres with a remote breathwork session.


Because the moon is your planetary ruler, moon cycles are crucial to you. Your wisdom is required, and the universe is urging you to expand your understanding through education. Because it is in your communication and higher learning sectors, the full moon encourages you to come out of your shell. Use your creativity and intelligence to your advantage, as you have a lot to give the world.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Indulging in your creativity during the full moon can bring the spiritual growth and well-being moment you’ve been looking for. Get yourself a blank canvas and some paints. You don’t have to be an expert; simply allow yourself to be inspired spontaneously and without judgement. To best harness this energy, hang your finished painting near your desk.


You could get the financing or tangible gain you’ve been looking for, providing you with much-needed relief. This can assist you negotiate recent changes in a crucial working connection, better aligning you with your life’s mission. From here, you can only go up.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Scripting is a powerful metaphysical instrument that allows you to create your reality with nothing more than your ideas and words. To put the energy out into the cosmos during the full moon, write down your objectives for how you want things to evolve.


A full moon in your zodiac sign intensifies its power for you. This could offer harmony and romance to a new or current relationship, or it could provide delight and expansion to a creative cooperation. This also indicates a period when collaborating with others might bring abundance and alleviate much of the tension of your previously hectic schedule.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Taking time off is the first step toward rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul. Take advantage of the full moon’s tremendous energy by engaging in a meditative yoga session accompanied by a sound bath recording of your choosing. This will allow you to reconnect with your physical body while using music to restore your energy.


Today may bring about changes in your health and everyday routine. Perhaps you’ve been worried about some changes at work, a health issue, or delays in your daily life. With the Virgo full moon establishing a harmonious aspect with the Pisces sun and your ruling planet, Venus, you can now begin to see forward movement and any burdens begin to ease.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Your mental health is inextricably tied to your physical wellbeing. It’s best to consult with your doctor before using essential oils based on your body’s needs, but tapping into the healing power of essential oils can help relieve mental tension. Add some to an oil diffuser before bedtime to help you attain tranquilly during the full moon.


The full moon could herald the beginning of a new romantic connection or a positive turn in an existing one. Your network and social relationships will be increased as well, and you may have luck reviving such connections. This could be due to the universe releasing some of your emotional strain, or it could be due to recent modifications in your home that were preventing this new abundance from entering.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Because self-love is the key to magnetism, create a simple self- love ritual using a red candle, a red pen, and parchment paper. Write a love letter to yourself in the first person using a pen and paper. Read this to yourself, generating the emotion of love. Fold it in half and roll it towards you. Light the candle and direct your thoughts into the flame. To seal in this new vitality, sleep with the paper under your pillow.


The full moon in your 10th house of career is impacting your home and emotional environment, putting your career and life path in the limelight. After considerable effort or a delay in progress, you can now begin to see the road front of you open up. A new opportunity or living arrangement may provide you with the abundance and positive growth you’ve been seeking.

Your full-moon self-care tip: You have a natural ability to envision the future, Sagittarius. Make use of this power by building a visual vision board of where you want your career to go. This will allow you to set a genuine intention. Hang your completed board where you work and wait for the magic to begin.


Changes in your finances and how you earn a living may have had your mind occupied recently, but the cosmos is now gifting you with ideas for growth and expansion. Perhaps a new side business or career route was put on hold. In this instance, you may now receive some fortunate news or an opportunity to assist you in reaching out to more individuals. This is assisting you in breaking free from the limitations you previously felt and genuinely owning your creative voice.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Use a mirror meditation to enhance and tap into your higher wisdom. This is a simple method for connecting with oneself via the power of sight. It can also enhance your self-esteem and confidence in your own ideas. Take advantage of the full moon by sitting in front of a mirror and meditating.


The full moon amplifies your personal power and self-worth. This is an area of your life that has undergone significant self-reflection, and new chances to help bring financial relief may now reveal themselves. The goal is to ask for what you’re worth and put the principles you’ve learnt into action. It’s time to move forward with your creative objectives.

Your full-moon self-care tip: By focusing your energy on what you do have, gratitude may be a powerful means of manifestation. Make a list of five things you are grateful for during the full moon. Commence honouring and reading this list each morning for the next two weeks. Invoke thankfulness as you read, and then let go of attachment for the remainder of the day. As your gratitude deepens, you will see an increase in synchronicities.


The subject for you surrounding the full moon in your seventh house of connections is love, relationships, and your part in them. Is your love for yourself balanced by your love for others? Self-love is a tremendous force, and this lunar event allows you to put it into practise. Some Pisces partnerships may deepen, while others may begin a new romance. Dive in, but keep realism in mind.

Your full-moon self-care suggestion: Reconnecting with your element water can be immensely restorative. This is another hint that you should take a spiritual bath; utilise this time to focus on yourself and feed your soul.