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June 2022 – Astrological Forecast

What to except from the stars this June

Man sitting on jupiter

The month begins with the Moon square to Jupiter, a time of great enjoyment and visibility, yet simultaneous changeability. Moderation will be key and temperance will be a beneficial practice. Also on the 1st, the Moon will sextile Venus, setting the tone for togetherness & celebration. It will be a great occasion for making new connections, featuring all of the good feelings that accompany them. Connecting with and communicating emotions with sincerity will also fare well at this time. The moon square mars connection points to a phase of intense drive and increased motivation to meet goals. Passions will be running high, and possibly to the point of emotional outbursts and irritability, but this will be a time to rely on leading with mindfulness.

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, much to all of our relief. With that shift will come gradual clarity and forward movement of communication and travel-related matters that may have been stalled beforehand. Over the several weeks that follow, Mercury will continue to gain its typical strength, so patience and trust in the process will be necessary. The 3rd is also a key day this month for some manifestation as we have a 3- 6- 9 alignment and the moon moves into Leo.

Saturn will begin its retrograde on the 4th. Responsibilities may feel overwhelming at this time, and the importance of remaining connected to a strong sense of purpose becomes greater. Make it a point to strive to keep energy high in healthy ways. Overall, once the initial shift occurs, it will be an excellent time to reassess present structures and their foundations, as well as traditions. It will also be an ideal time for identifying limitations and sorting out methods of effectively overcoming them. This will be an ideal time for keeping things simple. Any delays experienced should be taken in stride – consider the additional time granted as an opportunity to reflect, and accept the redirection as a necessary part of the path. This transit brings additional focus on re-evaluating ongoing projects, and even re-visiting old ones, but less on starting new.

Mercury continues its forward motion into Gemini on the 13th, putting strong emphasis on communication, agility, the realm of thought, and learning. Socializing and all things mentally stimulating will be in focus throughout this time. As Mercury is considered in domicile (or at home) in Gemini, the planet’s energy will carry an extra dose of potency. 

The month’s full moon will be in Sagittarius on the 14th and will sextile Saturn, as well as squaring Neptune. The full moon will feature themes of optimism and adventure. It will be a good time, while the future is in focus, to consider the context of the present moment. The big picture is in view this full moon, as well as the kind of expansive thinking that can bring both innovation and abundance.

The first day of summer, marks the Sun’s move into Cancer on the 21st. While traveling through the realm of the first water sign of the zodiac, the collective energy shifts towards the inner self, security, comfort, and one’s sense of tribe or belonging. The same day, Venus trines Pluto, indicating powerful potentiality for transformation through love and connection – including deeper connection with self. Intensity of the constructive variety is aplenty, and is a major contributing factor to identifying one’s innermost desires. Once established, the drive to execute major steps toward big goals will be available under the aforementioned energy. Be ready with ideas in advance, and remain open to any inspiration that may present itself.

The Moon also forms a conjunction with Jupiter and a sextile to Mercury on the 21st, indicating a period featuring generosity, contentedness, and receptivity regarding new information. Exploring different perspectives and making connections is favored at this time. The very next day, on the 22nd, Venus moves into Gemini, joining the principles of intellectual and social stimulation. Any instance of a perfect blend of the two will be the most enjoyable find in interactions at this time.

The new moon occurs on the 28th, and themes of nurturing, home and hearth will be the focus. Neptune joins Saturn in retrograde motion on that day as well, and the theme of being grounded in reality continues as illusions fade. Any harsh realizations that may emerge at this time, however abrupt, hopefully give way to self-acceptance and freedom from deception. Emphasis on studying modalities for self-improvement and healing can be very beneficial at this time.

The month ends with the Moon in trine aspect to Neptune on the 30th – great for increased sensitivity & creativity. This will be an optimal time to tap into the incredible power of the imagination to assist in mindset improvement and manifestation capabilities. On the other hand, the Moon also forms an opposition to Pluto and squares Mars that day, which may indicate a bit of unsettledness and aggression in the air. When in doubt, think twice before reacting to what seems to be an obstacle or provocation. Be reminded that cooler heads prevail, and leaping before looking only creates more work. Think of any hindrance as a mere indicator of the need for repair, and perhaps most importantly, a chance to demonstrate patience and perseverance.

All in all, the landscape for the collective is supportive this June, with many opportunities for growth – both encouraging and challenging. But ultimately – as always – all things indeed work together for the highest good.

The month begins with the Moon in square aspect to Jupiter, indicating a time of great enjoyment and visibility, yet simultaneous changeability.