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Mars Entering Sign of Aquarius

Mars transits into the sign of Aquarius on April 7, 2022 and will remain there until May 17, 2022, before transitioning to the sign of Pisces. Mars’ transit can bring up frustrations towards family and home matters, making this the ideal time to improve one’s personal and professional life. 

Mars moving though Aquarius guides us in reassessing our ways of doing things. It allows us to foresee a better future and the changes needed in order to make it happen. Mars’ transit into Aquarius empowers you to fight for your freedom and your independence by refusing to allow your goals to be silenced. 

A motivation arises during this transit to assert your ideas and put them into action. Mars in Aquarius encourages individuals to step out and explore their own inner potential. During this transit, it is important to embrace our individuality and develop new ideas.

How does Mars affect our day-to-day life while in this transit? What energies are present when Mars enters Aquarius? Below, we will review what you can expect from fiery Mars meeting humanitarian Aquarius. 

Mars and Aquarius Sign Meaning

Mars, named after the Roman God of war, is the ruler of the sign of Aries. It influences our aggression, our sexuality and physical attraction. Ruling our animal-like instincts, Mars is known for its passionate and intense force. Its energy can lead to either great achievements or utter destruction. Bold, impulsive, direct, and daring, Mars pushes us into action instead of reaction. 

Mars’ position in the natal chart shows areas of our life where we can best express our enthusiasm and drive. Mars is the raw energetic force necessary to accomplish our goals. The placement of Mars can reveal our bodies’ energy and intentions. The placement of Mars can reveal various aspects of you, including your sexuality and how you deal with anger and aggression.

The sign of Aquarius is full of thoughtful ideas and is known for being determined. Aquarius is a fixed air sign and is ruled by Uranus, the planet governing modernization and technology. Aquarius is both the ruler of Libra and Gemini, under the planet Uranus (and their traditional astrological ruler, Saturn). Aquarius enjoys collaboration and teamwork towards humanitarian efforts. 

Although Aquarius is naturally friendly and quite the intellectual, this sign often runs from emotional expression and can be uncompromisingly aloof. People with this sign will rely on their minds and words, and they will try to live life to the fullest in an attempt to not waste any time. It makes them energetic and passionate in their fight for freedom. They can see people without prejudice, and often need to be alone in order to restore their power.

Embodying independence to the max, Aquarius values honesty, originality, innovation and rebellion. Aquarius shows us where to make powerful differences in the world and how to embrace all that makes us individual and unique. 

Natal Mars in Aquarius

People born with Mars in Aquarius have an intense need for freedom and following the rules makes you feel confined. Being able to think differently makes you a leader and a visionary. Mars in Aquarius natals are rewarded with powerful minds, allowing them to be more creative and open. They enjoy keeping those around them guessing by surprising them with their quirky ways and individual style. 

Being in groups helps you connect with like-minded individuals, as it allows you to support and grow in your own personal circles. Having people who are similar is very important to you. Mars in Aquarius natals strongly believe everyone has equal rights. You won’t stand for inequality, and instead, focus on the future and what’s best for everyone.

If you were born with Mars in the sign of Aquarius, you’re motivated by altruistic causes and ventures, as well as by a progressive, community-oriented mentality. You debate these issues easily with the rest of the world. You thrive on being different, and if you’re angry, you can be a super-contrarian. When it comes to your sexuality, there’s a good chance you’ll be a perpetual friend-with-benefits. Aquarians tend to build many platonic relationships or need someone who is distinctly theirs.

What Does Mars Transit Aquarius Mean?

Mars in Aquarius is characterized by potent and unpredictable energies. Through the unconventional energy of Aquarius and with the passion of Mars, this is a time for expressing oneself without fear of judgment. During this transit, we should focus on embracing our individuality to come up with fresh ideas.  Mars in Aquarius is the rebel who pushes aside traditional rules and procedures in order to create a more original approach. Step away from the box, your usual patterns, and embrace a new way of doing things.

Mars transiting through Aquarius is a time for us to stand up and fight for our rights. This is also a sign that doesn’t usually get too fired up, so it encourages us to champion our ideals. A powerful moment to see how issues can be solved, this is a time for community and humanitarian efforts. Get involved with issues concerning the underdog. Social injustices, such as the oppression of women and other minorities, can see radical changes and improvements at this time. 

Mars in Aquarius is a rebel who pushes aside the traditional ways of doing things, encouraging us to fight for what we believe in. Mars transit Aquarius wants to liberate us from our usual habits and feelings. Giving us the space to grow into who we are meant to be.

During this transit, we can explore new ideas and develop new plans. Instead of thinking about the past, we should start thinking about the future. We can see the problems society is facing and how we can step in to help. This is an excellent opportunity to make radical changes in your life.

Mars transit Aquarius is the perfect time to start planning your own personal rebellion. Step up for others through community efforts and show how social injustices can be solved through the power of will. Stand for what you believe in. Make moves as you look towards the future. Develop new ways of being and achieving your goals. Flaunt your originality proudly and embrace being larger-than-life during this transit.