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Mars in Gemini – How to Manage the Intensity

Mars Entering Sign of Gemini

Normally, Mars transits each sign for roughly two months but not this August where the planet of decisive action — moves into inquisitive Gemini. This combination may make the next seven months feel a little restless. Yes, you read that correctly – seven months. Mars will enter sociable Gemini starting August 20, 2022 until March 25, 2023. While Mars in Gemini hypes up our minds – our mouths may also just run away from us.

Mars starts to lose focus and drive when in airy Gemini but remains resourceful during this transit. This may intensify scattered ways of being and thinking, but may also allow us to reckon and handle what we may have no previously had words for. It’s an excellent time to diversify our interests and develop new strategies. We may also see an uptick in social aggression.

What to Expect During Mars Transit Gemini

Gemini is the sign of communication and movement, and Mars is the planet of action and energy. During this period, our tactical skills are being highlighted. We’re capable of navigating through complicated situations, so long as we don’t spread ourselves too thin. We may also be inspired to take action on long-awaited goals, bearing in mind to think before we speak. This boost in energy also gives us the gift of charm and may allow you to swing your way into places you have never been.

  • Mars Enters Gemini

Mars will move into Gemini on August 20, 2022, heightening our more anxious tendencies. This can also lead us towards greater inspired action on new projects, as we’ll feel like we’ve no choice but to act. We just have to be careful not to get too carried away. This energy can sometimes feel a little wishy-washy but really it’s that Gemini is allows us to rethink things – even letting us go back and redo them. Any unfinished projects or ideas you have had in the past are likely to resurface if they were truly meant to be. Once the Uranus retrograde joins this energy a little later in the month it’ll help shift the perspective from “testing the waters” to “ok this is what I want to do”

  • Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars turns retrograde every two years, and on occasions, the planet can retrograde for its entirety in one sign. This will be the case for 2022’s Mars retrograde in Gemini at 25 degrees on October 30, 2022.

It’s easy to predict that we’re going to encounter communication breakdowns due to the Mars retrograde in Gemini. A combination of factors such as anger and hidden resentment will lead to a harsh tongue lashing, which can cause major arguments and disagreements. This is also not the time to take uncalculated risks. Avoid gossip or trusting the wrong people during this time as it’ll be likely to wreak havoc on your name. Protect your energy and your brand during this retrograde. Finally, this will give you that finally end of communication that you may need to complete anything you’ve started. The final “look over”

  • Mars Direct Gemini

Mars goes direct at 8 degrees Gemini on January 12, 2023.

  • Mars Enters Cancer

Mars leaves Gemini and begins to enter the sign of Cancer on March 25, 2023.

Mars in Gemini by Rising Sign

Mars entering the sign of Gemini will have Mars transiting the following houses for the rising signs:

Aries Rising – 3rd House

Your messages will be more significant, so be conscious of what you say and write. Avoid disputes with siblings and neighbors as conflicts are likely to spiral out of control during this transit. This is an excellent time to start writing a book or journaling. Having pen and paper handy will give you more time and energy to focus on what you want to accomplish.

Taurus Rising – 2nd House

A great time to cut down on unnecessary expenses, such as subscriptions you don’t use. Set a goal to be more financially independent during the next seven months. Identify what assets you want to obtain and keep yourself from indulging in shopping frenzies. 

Gemini Rising – 1st House

Throughout this period, you may encounter a shift in your mindset, leading to an outward manifestation of your inner self. Whether it’s a career or relationship status change, Mars is helping you get the fuel to achieve your goals. Remove any obstacles, like negative habits, and experiment with different ways to get to your end goal.

Cancer Rising – 12th House

This is a good time to start practicing mindful meditation to keep the fast-paced energy in check. You are used to cycling through a variety of thoughts and feelings before making a decision. However, with Mars entering your 12th house, you might find yourself spiraling through these thoughts instead. It’s important to take time to rest and relax.

Leo Rising – 11th House

Your social media networks may be full of gossip and lewd rumors as Mars enters your eleventh house. Be careful what you post online or exchange with others. Keep an eye on someone entering your friend circle as they may have ill intentions.

Virgo Rising – 10th House

Just because you can get through your workload quickly, doesn’t mean you have to. Avoid workplace gossips or confrontations as tensions can easily escalate. You’re also likely to receive a boost to your career through a promotion or raise. 

Libra Rising – 9th House

Your mind will be racing with excitement as it gains more knowledge about everything that’s happening in the world. Be careful who and what you consume, as you may end up believing everything you read or hear without checking the source. Try to remember that you should always be willing to change your mind if presented with credible evidence.

Scorpio Rising – 8th House

Being respectful of other people’s boundaries is very important right now, what others have to say may take you by surprise. Mars entering Gemini allows you to delve deeper into your mental health and intimacy matters. You may also find yourself drawn to mysteries and riddles as you have more energy to uncover hidden truths.

Sagittarius Rising – 7th House

The upcoming Mars entry into your seventh house of partnership will provide you with a huge dose of fiery energy that will last for several months. This type of energy will add excitement and passion to your relationships, setting you up for a good verbal duel or flirtatious chat. But beware as this transit could also lead to unnecessary conflict.

Capricorn Rising – 6th House

This transit could have you more dedicated and capable, but it could also bring about burning the candle at both ends. One way to keep this energy positive is by introducing a variety of tasks to your daily routine. Make order out of chaos.

Aquarius Rising – 5th House

You are in the midst of a major flare-up of energy, which will allow you to ignite all cylinders. Bursts of creativity will have you inspired to learn the latest viral dances or reading the latest bestseller. It will also inspire you to cozy up with your favorite partner for some lovely fun.

Pisces Rising – 4th House

Your protective instincts may be activated in this sector of your chart. You can easily internalize your anger if you don’t find a way to express it. Domestic issues could arise for you, as Mars enters your sign’s fourth house. This could cause tensions to flare up within your family or with the people you currently reside with. Tensions that have been simmering for a long time could finally be brought to a boil.