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Mercury Comes Home to Virgo

When Mercury enters the sign of Virgo on August 3rd to August 25, your inner voice will finally get a positive outlet as you start addressing your self-criticism. While Mercury will only be in Virgo for a short time, this planetary transit will push you to create constructive change.

The way we think and act is influenced by Mercury, which rules our ideas and how we communicate. Virgo energy is often referred to as harsh, but fair. When Mercury meets Virgo, communications become internalized and the masses get productive as new ideas develop.

What to Expect During Mercury Transit Virgo

Mercury is nice and cozy in its home sign of Virgo, making this transit especially exaggerated and feeling like a collective sigh of relief. This energy will allow you to make significant progress in improving your life and finding practical solutions. Our understanding of others will also increase during this time as Virgo encourages everyone to work together with precision and intelligence.

  • August 6 – Mercury Squares Moon in Sagittarius

A great time to think before we speak as misunderstandings will occur. Take a few moments and search for the best words before expressing yourself. Mercury squaring the Moon in Sagittarius also reminds us to remain compassionate.

  • August 8 – Mercury Trines Moon in Capricorn

Ideas and expressive feelings are freely flowing as Mercury trines the Moon in Capricorn making this an ideal time for cooperative projects. Spend the day with a book or listening to a lecture. This is also the date for the Lion’s Gate Manifestation Portal – perhaps it’s the perfect time to work on a manifestation spell.   

  • August 11 – Mercury Trines North Node in Taurus

This is an ideal time to be sensitive to the messages being communicated from the spiritual world. Be open to receiving signs from your ancestors or guides.

  • August 11 – Mercury Trines Uranus in Taurus

An unexpected event is likely to occur; something or someone will take you by surprise. Mercury trine Uranus in Taurus creates the best energy for thinking outside the box. Experiment with favorite pastimes or projects by embracing new technologies. Meet new friends or participate in new activities.

  • August 13 – Mercury Opposes Moon in Pisces

Strains on communication has our minds troubled and our words coming out a jumbled mess. Leave important conversations for the next day or later in the week when the mind feels more settled.

  • August 15 – Mercury Opposes Neptune in Pisces

A mentally confusing transit, there’s likely to be lots of difficulty focusing on important matters. This is also not an ideal time to push your own limits as a dent in confidence may have you feeling off. Take time to rest, relax and show yourself some kindness.

  • August 17 – Mercury Trines Pluto in Capricorn

It’s best to focus on personal or business power as conversations take a sharp and penetrating turn. Use this transit to focus on a particular project needing completion, or that special someone in your life. Keep thoughts positive and opinions insightful.

  • August 19 – Mercury Trines Mars in Taurus

An ideal time for mental assertiveness and agility, as well as technical skills–quick thinking will definitely be required. In the spirit of collaborations, try to keep your cool and watch how you deliver your messages to others. Remain honest, assertive, and decisive.

  • August 21 – Mercury Squares Moon in Gemini

Your mind is moving faster than your words, meaning you’ll need to pause before you speak and let your internal communications catch up to your external ones. Misunderstandings will increase during this transit, so stay patient with yourself and others.

Mercury in Virgo by Rising Sign

During the transit of Mercury in Virgo, your astrology will show an emphasis on detail and efficiency, as well as cleanliness and streamlining. It will be easier to find solutions, so long as you keep a positive outlook and keep perfectionism in check.

Here’s how each of the rising signs will be affected by Mercury’s transit into Virgo.

Aries Rising – 6th House

The house of routine, health, and pets; avoid checking your work email and instead let your thoughts slide. You’ll notice an enhanced focus on details, allowing you more time with loved ones and friends.

Taurus Rising – 5th House

The house of creativity, self expression, orgasms, and children; you may find love in unexpected places as you start to feel more comfortable talking about your beliefs and feelings, strengthening your connections.

Gemini Rising – 4th House

The house of ancestry, family, traditions, maternal and safe places; focus on creating a space that fits your needs as you’re more capable of identifying and eliminating flaws in your home. Also, keep an eye on any potential sparks of inspiration leading to a great idea.

Cancer Rising – 3rd House

The house of writing, communications, elementary education and siblings; it’s important to take a break to gather your strength from the stressful events that have been happening. Having a movie night or a get-together with your loved ones can help you feel better.

Leo Rising – 2nd House

The house of value, money, possessions and material things; before you start planning your future, take some time to think about what you want to accomplish. Focus on your money matters and make sure you’re managing your finances properly.

Virgo Rising – 1st House

The house of self, beginnings, and attitude; review your spending habits and find some extra cash for a night out. Remember great things can come from mistakes, take the time to get back to being a good person.

Libra Rising – 12th House

The house of karma, endings, and healing; to help you gather your thoughts and manage your emotions, write down all your concerns. Focus on taking a break while practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Scorpio Rising – 11th House

The house of wishes, network, friends, and humanitarian efforts; you’re a natural when it comes to finding solutions, and your mind is capable of creative problem solving. Interactions with others may feel more intense.

Sagittarius Rising – 10th House

The house of career, reputation and status; take a new route to work or start a new wellness practice. Take steps to reaching your professional goals, such as seeking out a new mentor or improving your public image.

Capricorn Rising – 9th House

The house of travel, higher education, and spirituality; thoroughly research your capacities so an informed decision can be made regarding your next project. A great opportunity could be presented to you through social media.

Aquarius Rising – 8th House

The house of sex, magic, and transformation; it’s important to step up your game to achieve your ideal living scenario. While you’ll have a hard time managing your schedule, you’re also likely to meet someone new.

Pisces Rising – 7th House

The house of relationships, marriages, and partnerships; you’ll be able to get in touch with new people and develop effective networking skills. You’ll also feel more inspired and motivated to make new goals.