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Mercury Entering Sign of Pisces

Mercury makes its entrance into the sign Pisces on March 24, 2022. Mercury will move from the sign of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, to the sign of Jupiter, ruler of Pisces. Mercury will continue to transit in this direction until April 8, 2022, when Mercury moves to the sign of Aries. 

Mercury enters the sign of Pisces with a lot of compassion and soul. This energy makes it easier to communicate with others and feel good about ourselves. When Mercury is in Pisces, people tend to have a more imaginative and visual mind. They are more attuned to emotion and are highly likely to make decisions with passion and intelligence. Having this energy makes it so much easier to work with people and to feel good about yourself.

While Mercury isn’t entirely comfortable in the sign of Pisces, it does provide us an overall pleasant experience within this transit. Let’s explore more of what to expect when Mercury enters the watery, dreamy sign of Pisces. 

Mercury and Pisces Sign Meaning

In Astrology, Mercury is seen as the planet of information, communication, and our connection to others. Mercury is neither masculine or feminine and is the ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, as well as the Third and Sixth Houses. Mercury tasks us with connecting our mental plane with the practical, Earthly side of our human nature. It is the point of self-expression and verbal understanding. Mercury helps us in explaining our inner truth to the world and shows us how capable we are of making rational decisions.

Mercury is considered the messenger of gods, carrying knowledge from one level of existence to another and commanding us to speak. Its domain is composed of logical and verbal reasoning, as well as our thoughts and behavior. As a planet, Mercury can be very perceptive and dexterous, and is also known for its small trickster-like personality. 

Mercury is about short trips, such as a visit to a friend or neighbor, and also refers to sibling relationships. Mercury encourages us to communicate with each other via various means, and when it goes retrograde, we are challenged this way.

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces, brings together some of the characteristics of the other signs that come before it. Pisces is the fourth and final mutable sign in the zodiac wheel, as well as the third water sign. Jupiter is the ruler planet of both Pisces and Sagittarius, denoting Pisces as having a strong connection to both spiritual and imaginative tendencies. This alignment presents a more reflective and subtle version of Jupiter’s energy. Those born under the sign of Pisces are likely to be more private and mysterious than those in Sagittarius.

These individuals are very focused on their inner journey, are selfless, and are known for rapid thinking and creativity. People born under this sign place great importance on what they are feeling. It is not uncommon for them to feel like they carry their own burdens and those of others.

Natal Mercury in Pisces

In Pisces, Mercury sees life as an impressionistic painting, with its various sounds and images. This is because the planet is tuned into certain inner visions. Natals in this sign tend to have vivid dreams, where they often meet with those close to them who have passed away. This psychic type of dreaming is also why Mercury is considered the messenger of the planets.

The Mercury in Pisces natal is known for being drawn to various artistic pursuits, such as music, theater, and visual arts. This sign’s natural creativity can be used to create work that is both inspiring and healing. The mind is full of imaginative impressions and emotions in Pisces, which can make it appear a bit crazy to others. This Mercury sign is sensitive to their environments and can be jarred by loud noises. Natals tend to speak in voluptuous circles, and are essentially psychic sponges. 

This sign is prone to self-deception. They often get into trouble in relationships as they can easily react against what another is doing. Mercury in Pisces natals have an innate trust in the words of others, causing them to be easily exploited by manipulators and cons. Though, they have a gentle touch and are usually the bridge between people. Being aware of the dark arts is also key for this sign, as it has to guard against being pulled into a dark place often.

The Mercury in Pisces has gifts to elevate the experiences of life. This sign tends to be sensitive, and it can easily get lost in fantasy. When it gets lost, it struggles to handle the details of life, until they eventually learn how to express themselves. Being so sensitive can be confusing, and it can also feel like there’s a running narrative about what’s not being said. There’s a way to turn this into a gift, and it can do so through the arts.

What to Expect as Mercury Transit Pisces

During this period of Mercury entering Pisces, our psychic abilities and habits will strengthen. This is a time for stepping back and listening more to your own inner voice. This will be an optimistic Mercury transit, as the mystical and chill vibes of Pisces envelopes our minds. Be sure to journal what occurs in your dreams during this time, too, as they may hold psychic messages. 

This transit can make focusing on work and other responsibilities difficult, making keeping up with all the important things in life harder in general. To the contrary of this resistance to the mundane, it does bring about new and deeper ways of understanding those around you. 

A darker side to Mercury transit Pisces is an increase in states of paranoia or skepticism. This transit may cause people to become more suspicious of others’ information or words. The dreamy-side of Pisces will affect our communications and may cloud our judgment. Avoid making any major decisions or altering your life in dramatic ways during this transit. Despite the potential tension, this transit does allow us to fully enjoy our creative sides. 

When Mercury moves to the sign of Pisces, it is a good time to buy property or to experiment and make money with speculative practices. More focus is needed on health as there are chances for health hazards. It is also better to avoid egoistic issues as Mercury transits Pisces, as these issues could place these relationships in jeopardy and harm. 

When Mercury joins the sign of Pisces, it brings with it a lot of compassion and soul to people. This energy makes us more open to making intelligent and passionate decisions. Our communication with others will easily flow, as will our need for creative expression. Embrace the dreamy side of the mind and do things that make you feel good about yourself.