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New Moon in Pisces

Every year, Pisces season gives us with a slippery, complex mood, full of frequently contradicting experiences: a persistent sleepy, wintertime lag, the first indications of spring, and the anticipation of a new astrological year beginning on March 20. It’s no surprise that this time period is difficult to pinpoint, as the sign of the Fish is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, which makes it difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. However, the new moon in Pisces in early March will inspire us to at least clarify what we want our own reality to look like in order to set a powerful, expansive goal.

This moon event, which occurs at 12:36 p.m. ET/9:36 a.m. PT on March 2, provides an opportunity to begin a new whimsical, spiritually rewarding chapter in your life.

The Pisces new moon is imaginative and ethereal. New moons, which occur when the confident sun aligns with the intuitive moon, are always a monthly opportunity to clarify which new chapter you want to write during the next two weeks (until the next full moon) and six months (when the corresponding full moon occurs). And, as it falls in Pisces, the ruler of the twelfth house of spirituality, the new moon this month will compel you to reflect on deep-seated emotions, dreams, artistic impulses, and spiritual fulfilment.

In turn, you may be focused on engaging your imagination, embracing the ethereal and mystical, and healing the past in order to more thoroughly embrace your future dreams.

This Pisces new moon may effect you differently depending on your zodiac sign.


With the new moon in your twelfth house of spirituality, you’ll want to hibernate and meditate to acquire more clarity about what you want to accomplish in the coming weeks. Because of Jupiter’s friendship with the lunar event, you can consider in terms of the larger picture.


This new moon falls in your eleventh house of friendship and long-term goals, providing an opportunity to get clarity around a large picture goal you want to accomplish as part of a team or group. Being picky about who you need by your side to cross the finish line is extremely important right now — yet, because to lucky Jupiter’s starring role in this lunar event, you can rest assured that luck is on your side.


The new moon in your tenth house of career will have you feeling ready to concentrate in on a clear vision for your future. Whether you’re considering submitting your CV to new work options, creating a business strategy, or completely reconsidering how you define success, this may be a fortunate and expansive time.


The new moon, which falls in your ninth house of adventure, inspires you to break away from your ordinary routine in order to experience something new and thrilling. Making plans for

the spring and summer — perhaps a birthday vacation? — could be very energising, and you’ll be feeling extra positive owing to lucky Jupiter’s conjunction to la luna.


The new moon, which falls in your eighth house of intimacy, may encourage you to take a more casual connection to a deeper, more devoted, or spiritually rewarding level, or to start a business with a friend, colleague, or partner. This can be a period of lucky expansion in your closest relationships.


The new moon is in your seventh house of partnership, and because it’s aligned with fortunate Jupiter, it’ll magnify everything in this area of your life. Use this time to think about how you want your closest collaborations and ties to appear in two weeks and six months.


The new moon and Jupiter, both of which fall in your sixth house of daily routine, will get you revved up to get even more organised. Remember that Piscean energy is dreamy, spiritual, and imaginative, so connecting with all of those aspects of yourself could be the key to bringing greater balance and productivity into your daily grind.


With the new moon — and Jupiter — in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, this is one of the best times of year to begin a new chapter in your love or artistic life. If you’ve been wanting to start a creative endeavour, meet someone special, or propose that you and your S.O. take your relationship to the next level, now is the time.


The new moon, which falls in your fourth house of home life and joins forces with your ruler, expansive Jupiter, gives you the opportunity to establish a powerful intention linked to your emotional well-being and relationships with loved ones. To figure out your next best step, tap into whatever makes you feel most confident.


With the new moon in your third house of communication, you have a blank canvas on which to paint a whole new vision for satisfying your thirst for greater knowledge. This moment can lead to inner growth, whether you wish to pursue higher education or arrange a road trip to a neighbouring destination with lots of history and scenic opportunities.


Because the new moon is in your second house of revenue, try writing down what you wish to actualize monetarily. Alternatively, speak with a coworker who knows you better than anyone and would go to bat for you. Alternatively, send your resume to potential employers. Your ambition, enthusiasm, and vision will propel you to the next professional level right now.


Your annual new moon provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solidify your big picture goal. Because the moon will conjunct lucky, expansive Jupiter, it’s not only acceptable but ideal to shoot for the stars; after all, the largest planet of the zodiac is all about going big or going home.