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New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn: The world is changing and so am I

A New Moon transit happens when the Moon’s orbit intersects Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Because of this, the side of the Moon visible to Earth appears to go almost dark although the other side of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun. On January 2, 2022, there will be a New Moon in Capricorn at 12°. What does this mean?

To start, New Moon imparts a clean slate for new beginnings and rewards for past deeds. After this phase, the Moon gains illumination from the Sun and becomes visible once again. The Moon gaining illumination is beneficent in astrology. Capricorn, being ruled by Saturn, is about earnest work. This transit is happening at 12°, a Piscean degree pointing to wordly compassion. The New Moon will be ruled by Saturn which is in Aquarius, the world server.

It is important to ask oneself: What impact have I made on the world? What impact has the world made on me?

What does it mean for each sign?

Aries will be tested about what exactly it is they want to be recognized for. Do they want to be praised for what they can do for others or who they are as a person?

It will be revealed to Taurus that the way they view the world is a reflection of how they subconsciously view themselves.

Gemini will be reflecting on what has changed around them and within themselves and the lessons they have learned.

Cancer’s personal boundaries will be tested. Are their boundaries strong enough or is it still a slippery slope?

Leo, please keep an eye on your overall health. Your health is your personal alarm system. Is the alarm going off or did you put it on snooze?

Virgo’s creative side will be called to the forefront. Their creativity will be needed to be of service to others.

Libra needs to take this time to appreciate the people they know and have right now as it may not be this way ever again.

Scorpio may learn something new that will be of use at a later time. It’s important that whatever it is they learn they become disciplined.

Sagittarius and their resourcefulness has helped in the development of their community but they need to use their resources to pour back into themselves. Give and take is important.

Capricorn needs to take this time to smell the roses and to appreciate themselves for how far they’ve come. Rewards will come in once they do this.

As for the rest of 2022…

Since this transit is happening at the very start of the new year, it will set the tone for how the rest of the year will go. The influence will linger for a while until the next major transit