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Sun Transit Aries – Welcome to the New Astrological Year

Sun begins to make its transit into the sign of Aries, and with it, brings in the Spring Equinox as well.

On March 20, 2021, the Sun moves into Aries, which is a new astrological year. This event launches the spring season and brings with it a renewed sense of excitement and motivation.

The Sun’s influence on us is not to make us feel comfortable, but to spark the imagination and help us start fresh. This is the energy that pushes us forward and helps us break old patterns.

What the Sun Moving Into Aries Brings

The Sun is passionate, optimistic and spontaneous in Aries. Sun transit Aries inspires us with initiation-vibes and the desire to want to conquer it all. During this period we’ll be drawn to start something new as our impulsiveness is heightened in this placement.

Aries is a no-shame sign and when in transit of the Sun, it makes us feel bold and brave–if not also a little naive. This direct energy will support us in seeing our needs in a less complicated manner, but it can also leave us a little short-sighted.

Planning ahead may also be a struggle at this time, but in a typical Aries fashion, we’ll bounce back easily and continue forward with a strong pioneering spirit.

Fearless Aries is a natural leader, so use this energy to take the lead and make a difference in the world.

When it comes to sports, Aries enjoys watching the action. They also love to learn how to play a game of tennis or kickball. Embrace these Aries vibes and either catch a game in your area or get outside and play a sport yourself.

Treat yourself to something special and give yourself a present that’s just for you. With the increase in confidence at this time, so does the level of self-love also arise. Own your independence and get what you desire for yourself.

Aries can be bossy, but it’s because they won’t let anything stand in their way. They’re trying to get done in a hurry, and they won’t allow anyone to slow them down when it comes to them reaching their goals. Take a cue from this Sun transit Aries by allowing it to fuel confidence.

Impulsive Aries are in such a hurry to get done, they tend to get ahead of themselves. Being too quick can hurt themselves or others, as their rush doesn’t always have them thinking about what they’re doing or saying. Be sure to take a moment to ponder on where you’re going during this time, and stay mindful of how you speak to others.

The Sun is in Aries, is the perfect time to shake off the old routine and start searching for bigger, more exciting things to accomplish.

Sun Transit Natal Aries

The Sun is the house of romance, creativity, children, and luck in the birth horoscope of all Aries natives. It will enter the sign of Aries in 2022 and will have a favorable transit.

In 2022, the Sun’s passage will benefit those born under the sign of Aries, as it will allow them to earn money and negotiate important business deals.

It is recommended that individuals work in the electricity industry as it will give them a good chance of making money. During the upcoming year, the Sun’s passage will also bring about a lot of optimism and good health.

Unfortunately, being a bit dour in a relationship can make things look mediocre. This is why it is important to avoid making matters worse by being responsible and avoiding disputes.

People born under the Sun are incredibly motivated and are known to live life head-first. They are also very capable of pushing themselves to new heights.

People with an aura of independence are likely to feel valued and accepted in the world. This comes across as selfish to some, but it also encourages others to discover themselves.

The Sun in Aries ignites one’s heart with passion and excitement, and this is what makes one happy. Instead of focusing on long-term commitments, people under the Sun prefer to live in the moment.

You may be more focused on self-love than on love. Learning how to care for yourself can help others see the needs of others.

You’re likely to be hands-on in the office, and this comes from the Sun’s emphasis on action instead of strategy. This comes from the sign’s motto, “Be the change you want to see.”

Once one project is finished, start working on the next one.

While you may like to do things your own way, it’s important to remember that life isn’t as fun on your own as it is with others. This is also true for most of your friends, who also have a healthy dose of trust and care.

You’re the most independent sign of all. Your confidence can help you live an exciting life without the constraints of regret or doubt.

The 2022 Astrological New Year For Each Sign

Our Astrological Forecast for 2022 presents all you need to know for this new astrological year.


Springtime allows us to fully unplug and enjoy the freedom to do what we never did before. It can be a relaxing retreat, a mountain climbing trip, or a journey to a faraway island. Then, after returning, you can start a new business venture with a breakthrough eclipse.


In 2022, you’re ready to start planning a serious relationship. The universe will deliver a major plot twist in April and May, and it will help you see beyond the people who are blocking you. This will be a fun and exciting year, with November being the wedding date.


This year, you will be asked to improve your mental and physical health, as Jupiter and Neptune will crown the success of your chart. You will be challenged to step up and achieve greater success, but only if you are healthy on all levels.


The skies in 2022 will be peaceful as the solar system moves towards Earth and water signs, so it will be easier to deal with. This year will be full of memorable moments, so plan on taking the class or traveling to a faraway destination.


Your financial sector will receive a boost from Jupiter and Neptune, which will help you make wise investments. You may also dream big as Neptune and Jupiter work generously on your wishlist.


The magic of synchronicity can work on you. This eclipse is conjunct Uranus, which means that there will be an accelerated evolution in media.

If you believe in the power of synchronicity, then you should allow it to work on you and make you believe in a new role in media, education, or broadcasting. This will happen in the next couple of months, and it’s time to take on a risk.


The pressures from home and family will lift as planets in your chart start to rise. In 2022, as Jupiter and Neptune align, you will receive a renewed sense of good health. From May to October a relationship will strengthen so take time to enjoy these changes.


This year, it’s time to open up and explore deeper relationships. April 30th will present a new kind of commitment to your life. The lunar eclipses of May and November will fix any relationships that have been on the rocks and set them back on course. Use your voice, stay honest and allow love to guide you this new astrological year.


This year, commit to a deeper level of love and passion. The alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in the love sector of your chart will create a new kind of commitment, and a breakthrough lunar eclipse on April 30 will help break free from a relationship that’s not working. Your creativity and passion will be heightened this year as well, be sure to prioritize your mental, emotional and physical well-being.


With Pluto and Saturn darkening your 2020 – this year you’ll finally be able to start fresh and rise up. Take advantage of opportunities to share your wisdom, especially via written or published works. You are likely to form many new bonds this year as well and the April and May eclipses will spark a new love interest and heighten your creativity.


Are you thinking of starting a home-based business venture in 2022? A new source of income will come to you this year, as well as moving to a new home or purchasing a vacation home are also likely around the eclipse. Jupiter and Neptune will help you expand your passions into money and discover new opportunities.


If you are in the arts, then this is your year to creatively shine. Jupiter and Neptune will magnetize in your sign most of 2022 enhancing your achievements. Use this opportunity to attract what you need in order to live a successful life. You may be offered too many choices, so be sure you have what it takes before saying yes to more.

During this transit period, the Sun is very excited and spontaneous about life. It encourages us to start something new and pushes us to reach for the big goals. The Sun in Aries makes us feel bold and brave, though it can also make us a little short-sighted. Be sure to plan ahead, and watch how your ambitious drive can make those around you feel at this time. Treat yourself, be fearless in starting that new project or venture, and boss-up to get what you want.