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It’s time to glow! August kicks off in the positive and bright climate favored by the Sun’s presence in one of the zodiac signs most keen to celebrate life, Leo. Within this context, we are encouraged to showcase our virtue and creativity, meet challenges with nobility, and enjoy the present with spontaneity. Another significant influence during this time-frame is the constellation Virgo, which makes us sharp and aware of details and emphasizes our technical abilities. However, August’s cosmic landscape is much more complex, with many transits on the horizon.

Each transit hides its mystery and exerts its influence on us more or less directly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the must-know transits for August and what they mean for us. Let’s dive in!


August begins with an epic encounter in the sky! Mars, Uranus, and the North Node meet again in the starry sky in the sign of Taurus after many centuries. This significant celestial event will bring about major changes to our world. The alignment of these three will have a profound effect on society and individuals worldwide. They make people feel restless, which may lead to unexpected outbursts or spurts of action! As we are all aware, it has been predicted that the next few years will be especially tumultuous, with unforeseen global events happening one after another at an increasing pace.

This will also be a fantastic time for those who want to make radical changes in their lives but can’t seem to get started because of fear or hesitation. Mars and especially Uranus will care to tighten the noose until everyone bucks up and steps towards fulfilling their destiny. We will feel more fearless than ever and ready to conquer our goals without hesitation or excuses! All this is under the watchful eye of the Moon Nodes, who will take care to build everything on a solid foundation, not mere fantasies.


On August 4, Mercury arrives in one of its domicile signs, Virgo, and will remain there until late August 25. This means that the planet will be strong and exerts its influence more powerfully than usual. We wrote out a whole blog you’ll be able to read about how this effects the rising signs by clicking here.

Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect, so this transit will be excellent for studying, writing, and anything that requires mental focus and concentration. We will also be detail-oriented and able to see things that others might miss. But oops, it could be that Mercury in Virgo also activates that dark part of us that is always critical and dissatisfied—especially when it comes to others’ actions.

This is a great time to get organized and take care of all the little things we usually neglect. We will have a lot of energy to put into work, but we should be careful not to overdo it or become too perfectionistic. It’s essential to balance Virgo’s need for order and perfectionism with Leo Sun’s spontaneity and joie de vivre!


It might seem as if things are sluggish around August 7, as if we have to overcome a bottleneck before achieving the desired results. These delays teach us more comprehensive and accurate strategies to create before we get started. The challenge is to balance responsibility and impetus and to be as realistic as possible when setting goals. However, this transit also has a silver lining because it can help us learn patience and perseverance. It’s a fantastic time to work on our discipline and put in the extra effort required to reach the next level. The key is not to give up when things get tricky!

This transit will be incredibly challenging for impulsive people who always want something to happen quickly. We will have to slow down and deal with some frustrating situations, but eventually, we will become stronger and wiser.


Under the skies of August 8 and 9, the energy of the Venus-Pluto opposition is felt. This comes directly after a pretty heavy square with Mars/ Saturn but also a calming Venus trine with Pluto. The abrupt change in direction for relationships, especially family relationships, make for a very  uncomfortable but valuable transformation. Instead of hiding behind rules and traditions, we dare to call a spade a spade and refuse to turn our backs on what is unsavory or inconvenient. And in the process, we come face-to-face with our truth.

This may be freeing and enlightening for some, while others still find it difficult or painful. But whether easy or difficult, every new discovery provides an opportunity for growth and understanding that cannot be found elsewhere—if only we are willing to bravely take that first step into the unknown territories of our own relationships.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Leo on August 11, bringing a lively, playful, and creative style of approaching relationships. For an in depth look at what this means for your rising sign you can click: here. Venus in Leo brings out many people’s natural sense of leadership and can help us cultivate positive qualities such as creativity, generosity, spontaneity, self-expression, and love. We tend to place our loved ones at the center of our universe and also need to feel equally remarkable.

However, in the last week of August sky, Venus forms tense aspects with Saturn and Uranus. We might feel that something is coming to an end, or we may need to let go of people or things from our past. In a relational or financial situation, we should put aside the old, make room for the new, and patiently wait for further guidelines. The good news is that all these challenging aspects will soon lead to positive outcomes.


On August 11, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, which will help us detach from the past and move forward. For an in depth look at what this means for your rising sign and how best to attune to the moon you can visit our Full Moon in Aquarius blog that comes out on 8/8: here. It’s time to release any grudges we may be holding onto and any outdated beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve us.

This is also an excellent time to reflect on our friendships and relationships. Are they healthy and supportive? If not, it may be time to let them go as well. The Full Moon in Aquarius will bring light to any areas of our lives where we need to make changes. It will be easier to see what isn’t working and take steps to fix it.


Mars transits Gemini’s sociable and dual sign for 7 months starting August 20. For an in depth look at what this means for your rising sign you can visit our Mars in Gemini blog that comes out on 8/17: here. Mars is the planet of action and energy, and Gemini is the sign of communication and movement. This combination can make us feel more restless and anxious than usual. We may find ourselves talking more but flitting from one thing to another without finishing anything. Alternatively, we may be inspired to act on a long-awaited project. However, we need to be careful not to spread ourselves too thin. We can make real progress by channeling our energy into a few well-chosen activities.

Mars in Gemini is a time to get moving and get things done. But it’s also a time when we need to think before we speak or act. Despite having a lot of mental power, we need to use it wisely so as not to cause havoc with sharp and hasty words. We attack and defend ourselves by force of argument. We oppose distorted rumors, gossip, and hypocrisy of our enemies. However, we can make this a productive and successful time using our heads and hands.


When Mercury and Neptune are opposed, it’s like a battle between reason and imagination. On the one hand, we have Mercury, a planet of logic and analysis. It helps us to think things through and to make decisions based on what makes sense rather than instinct. On the other hand, we have Neptune—the planet of dreams and fantasy. It’s about following our hearts to find life’s joy.

Knowing which one will win can be challenging when these two planets are at odds with each other. The answer depends on what we’re trying to accomplish: if we want something that makes sense for our lives as it is now (Mercury) or if we’re searching for something more out-of-this-world (Neptune).

On August 21, we can notice more blurred but inspired and sensitive thinking in ourselves and others. It takes effort to keep attention and dreaming, details and the big picture in balance.


On August 22, the Sun enters Virgo, marking the beginning of the Virgo season. This is an excellent time to focus on our health and fitness, as Virgo is associated with these themes. The energies of Virgo are cool, dry, and practical, and we will likely find ourselves drawn to order and structure during this time. However, we should beware of becoming too obsessed with perfectionism. We may also see ourselves being more critical of others during this time, so it is vital to be aware of this tendency and maintain a constructive perspective. Overall, the Sun in Virgo reminds us to attend to our lives’ details and focus on our personal growth.

However, the Virgo Sun does not escape challenges, and between August 25 and 29, it forms a square in the sky with the rebellious Mars. During this period, there is an increased likelihood that disagreements or arguments will occur at home or work. If possible, it would be wise to avoid confrontation or any heated discussion during this period. To counterbalance this transit, we can attempt to cultivate patience by visualizing the beauty around us (such as nature) or taking up a new hobby that requires concentration and patience (such as practicing yoga).


As Uranus begins its retrograde period on August 24, we have the opportunity to process some of the changes that have taken place over the past few months. This retrograde period will last until January 2023, giving us time to digest and integrate new perspectives. Uranus is known as the “Great Awakener.” Its movement often brings sudden changes that can take us by surprise. However, during this retrograde period, we can get used to these changes and begin to see them in a new light. Uranus retrograde is a time of immense personal growth, so make the most of it! It’s a time of internal revolution as we question old systems that no longer work for us.

Collectively, this retrograde will force us to confront how we have been complacent about critical issues. We will be called to rebel against structures that no longer support us, such as outdated belief systems or oppressive institutions. This is a time to stand up for our beliefs and fight for what we believe in. Also, Uranus retrograde in the ruler of money, stability, and comfort—Taurus—heralds global surprises in terms of countries’ economies, money, inflation, and the sacrifices we must make to maintain our comfort.


As Mercury enters Libra on August 25, we all feel a little more sociable. This transit is about relationships—both those we have with others and those we have with ourselves. We think more deeply about our interactions and how we can create more balance in our lives. Things may seem a little more severe than usual, but that’s not necessarily bad. We are learning to communicate with more grace and diplomacy. Our sense of humor becomes more refined. People who are introverts find it easier to interact with others now. This transit could be an excellent time for extroverts to work on listening skills or learn new ways of relating to people.

Either way, it’s time to get creative to ensure we have a lifetime of relationships that make us happy. Of course, there are always trade-offs when Mercury is transiting through Libra. Sometimes, it may be worth taking a momentary break from trivial conversations to address sensitive issues. It would not be wise during this transit to avoid complicated topics just for the sake of superficial harmony.


The New Moon in Virgo occurs on August 27. This is a powerful time for setting intentions and starting fresh. The New Moon’s energy helps us focus on personal growth and development. We are reminded that the most important work we can do is on ourselves. This is a time to commit to new habits or ways of being that will help us live more effectively. It’s also a time to let go of anything that no longer serves us, such as negative thoughts or behavior patterns. The key during this New Moon is, to be honest with ourselves about where we need to make changes. Then, we can set realistic goals and put a plan into action.

Furthermore, a few minutes before the perfecting of the New Moon, the Virgo Moon enters a square aspect with Mars. This suggests that our actions may not always align with our intentions. We may need to put in extra effort to stay on track. However, this challenge can also help us push ourselves to new levels of growth. The power of Mars colliding with the energy of the Moon can generate an explosion within us, an existential shock that will serve as a preparation and inner maturation for new beginnings. That reminds us what we build with the help of the New Moon in Virgo cannot have an ephemeral, unsolid foundation.


Overall, August is a month for improvement, striving to do what we know is right and taking each day one step at a time. We can reach our goals if we truly commit to them and put our minds to the task. And even if we occasionally slip up along the way, we should never allow ourselves to be stray too far from the path. August launches the invitation to discover our unique place in the world, our uniqueness, the inner source of creativity, happiness, and love.

The Sun in Leo teaches us all this but warns us against prideful and selfish reactions. At the same time, Virgo challenges us to be very honest about the imperfections of detail and to be precise, orderly, and dynamic. At the same time, Mars in Gemini heralds a time when whoever is clever will be victorious.