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Uranus Retrograde 2022 & The Battle for Collective Unexpected Social Change

Uranus begins its five month retrograde on August 24, 2022 until January 23, 2023, signifying rebellion, revolution and unexpected change. This brings unique and large-scale phenomena to the collective. This retrograde period can be a time of personal freedom, as it offers the chance to leave your comfort zone and do something different. While it can be unpredictable, Uranus retrograde can help us live a more authentic life.

Currently, Uranus is in the sign of Taurus, which will be the sign of its retrograde movement. The combination of Uranus and Taurus brings forth impatient and restless energy, but can it help us in reframing our ideas. This planet’s Earth-sign placement can help us hone in on the conversations around Earth’s limited resources. With Uranus, we can finally break this paradigm and recognize that there is plenty for everyone. In this sign, the planet of change urges us to accept and embrace the changes that are happening in our lives.

It is important to remember that these are natural changes. They are necessary for society to continue moving forward. Uranus shows us that we don’t have to follow the same old ways of doing things. It can help us make the necessary changes to the structure of our resources for the good of the collective. This transit can be a catalyst for great scientific, political, and creative innovation. It can stir up a lot of tension but can also provide the opportunity to make radical changes and improve your life.

What Uranus Means in Astrology

The planet of change, Uranus, is the Modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius which helps this planet break the mold of the traditional paradigms. It can make us feel like we’re in the unknown, and it can throw us off into the deep end. Although it can cause breakdowns, this movement is beneficial for the advancement of society. Uranus is responsible for initiating the necessary changes that will allow us to reach the next level.

In astrology, Uranus is a powerful force urging us to break free from the things keeping us from our authenticity. As the planet at the center of unexpected situations, it can make you think critically and creatively when solving problems. Uranus is generally concerned with collective and society, and it encourages us to think about how we are responding to new situations. In addition to being able to create new visions of ourselves, this energy can also help us find a deeper level of grounding.

For about five months each year, the planet Uranus enters a retrograde period in which it appears to rotate on its axis from our point of view backwards. We should also note that Uranus typically stays in a sign for around seven years. It first entered the sign of Taurus on May 15, 2018, and will remain in this sign until April 27, 2026. As a generational or transcendental planet in astrology, the effects of Uranus retrograde can take a bit to manifest. During this period, when Uranus enters retrograde, it can send the energy of change spiraling inward to help us work with it more deeply.

What to Expect During Uranus Retrograde

When Uranus is retrograde, it can affect us in various ways. To get a good idea of what we may expect we can always look to other time periods when Uranus retrograded in Taurus. That would take us to August 11th, 1935 – January 9th, 1936. This time period deeply corresponds with major financial and government reform in the United States along with the lead up to WWII. It’s also noted that FDR’s tenure in the White House was the longest tenure ever as he was the only President to be elected to a third term. In this time frame of the Uranus retrograde we did see the development of Social Security and Banking Act of 1935, both key players in the New Deal.

The planet Uranus is referred to as a rebellious and revolutionary force that can bring about change on a grand scale. When it enters the sign of Taurus, it can cause changes to the foundations that have been built for us. It can cause us to question the norm and strengthen our capacities to embrace change. This energy will help us reflect on our lives and increase our awareness of what’s happening around us. These changes can lead to different ideals around financial situations just like it did before. The relationship between people and money is changing due to the alignment of the second house of values and income. Along side the other energies looming in 2022 it can be anticipated that financial and governmental reform will absolutely be coming back around.

Although its effects are usually seen on a societal level, they can also affect people on a personal level. For instance, if you’re going through a difficult time in your life, it can help you break free from mundane routines. You can also do a lot of productive inner work related to necessary life changes.

Like other retrogrades, the days when Uranus goes retrograde and direct are when we’ll feel its effects the most (August 24 and January 22). However, it’s also felt differently when the planet is activated by other transits. The following transits will also affect Uranus’ five-month retrograde period.

  • August 26: Venus in Leo Squares Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This transit may bring unexpected changes to the areas of our lives that Venus governs: money, love, and beauty. This will push us to seek freedom in partnerships that don’t allow us to be our true selves.

  • September 11: Sun in Virgo Trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

As the sun moves through Virgo it will form a trine with the Uranus retrograde. This transit marries confidence with innovation.

  • November 5: Venus in Scorpio Opposition Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The way we partner and love will be unique and precious during this time. We may also want our freedom from our relationships, causing shake-ups in matters of romance.

  • November 8: Mercury in Scorpio Opposition Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Four of the eclipses in 2022 and 2023 will be either conjunct or opposite Uranus and/or square Saturn. A symbol of radical and sometimes irrevocable change. This includes the Mercury in Scorpio opposition of November 8, 2022.

  • November 9: Sun in Scorpio Opposition Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This will allow us to see and understand things that we haven’t before, drumming up drama in relationships. This transit will also give us the strength to identify as the unique individuals that we are.

Although not as intense as other retrograde periods, such as Mercury retrograde, this period can still affect us in various ways. This is because Uranus moves slowly, which means its effects can build over time. However, certain signs may feel the effects of this retrograde more than others.

Uranus Retrograde Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Uranus’ retrograde will have some signs feeling differently than others. The fixed signs of the Zodiac, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus will be experiencing the biggest changes in their lives. On the other hand, the cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries, will be able to make headway in their careers and finances. The mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini will focus more on personal development.

If you’re still resistant to changes, Uranus’ retrograde will push you into making major internal changes. Before you start making these changes though, it’s important to look at how Uranus is connecting to areas in your life.

Aries Rising – 2nd House

The transit through your second house of values and resources may cause you to question how you acquire and manage money. You may question whether the way you measure your worth is in line with your values. If your spending habits have gotten out of control, now is the time to start planning for the future. During this period, you should seek out seemingly random opportunities that could lead to financial freedom.

Taurus Rising – 1st House

A new version of yourself is emerging, Taurus, as Uranus enters your first house of self. Though this new growth isn’t the most comfortable, as you might be feeling stuck or stagnant. You are now being forced to recommit to a previous vision or embrace your desire for a new way of living. Even if your friends and family think that you have lost your mind, the real you is still alive and kicking.

Gemini Rising – 12th House

The twelfth house of your spiritual growth is being activated by Uranus, leaving you feeling more introspective and deep. You can make time for spiritual self-care by practicing meditation or taking part in breathwork. During this period, try to find a way to put an old part of you into your heart.

Cancer Rising – 11th House

The upcoming cosmic shifts will raise your emotions higher, affecting your social networks, Cancer. This could bring about changes in your relationships and allow you to start looking for new opportunities. You might also want to get involved in projects that are geared toward helping others.

Leo Rising – 10th House

Time to check in on your career, Leo, as the retrograde calls you to revise your ambitions. You may be getting pulled further into your career or inspired to start something even greater. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your talents and gifts. Answering these questions leads to some major plot twists in your future. Try slowing down a bit to get the most out of your work.

Virgo Rising – 9th House

Your analytical mind is constantly exploring taboos in relationships. Throughout the next couple of months, you will be drawn to unconventional ideas about love and commitment. Having the opportunity to explore your sexuality will allow you to satisfy your desires and free yourself from the constraints of your current relationship. A new perspective is on the horizon, Virgo, putting you in a good position to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Libra Rising – 8th House

It’s time to dig deep into your inner demons, Libra. This transit could bring about a newfound understanding of yourself, but you don’t need to go through darkness to find your pleasure. Instead, you can embrace your dark side to find a way to connect with your inner self.

Scorpio Rising – 7th House

After a couple of months of on-and-off relationships, your relationship is back on. The upcoming transit of Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships will cause changes in your romantic, platonic, and romantic relationships. Any toxic or draining friendships or romantic interests that may have been fading away could suddenly reappear. Learn from your lessons about self-worth and autonomy. This is a great transit to start developing strong relationships with people who are genuinely interested in you.

Sagittarius Rising – 6th House

You’re usually an active person, Sagittarius, but Uranus’ retrograde in your sixth house has you feeling lazy and indulgent. Your low energy can serve as a reminder to improve your self-care routines. This is a great time to make sure the habits and rituals that make you most effective are in place. Some of these include getting enough sleep, moving your body daily, and drinking plenty of water.

Capricorn Rising – 5th House

Your reputation for being intense may be affected by this transit, giving you an opportunity to connect with your inner child. Uranus in your fifth house is pushing your creativity in different directions, helping you let go of recent pressures. Enjoy yourself Capricorn.

Aquarius Rising – 4th House

The upcoming change in your home front can be influenced by the planet Uranus’ retrograde entry into your fourth house of residence. This could affect your sense of security and familial connections. You may be called to make changes in your environment and to heal some generational patterns. Before you start a new renovation, make sure you have the proper budget to give your house the boost it needs.

Pisces Rising – 3rd House

You’re a true friend and will likely know tons about your friends’ private lives. Focus on keeping your mouth shut when it comes to sharing the privileged information of others during this Uranus retrograde. The planet’s shift in direction could also affect your teaching, learning, and communication abilities.