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The U.S. Pluto Return: It’s Time for Us (U.S.) to Grow Up

In the astrology world, there has been much anticipation for the upcoming Pluto return for the United States. Although this Pluto return isn’t the first in world history, it is the first major astrological event in United States history so it’s no surprise why it has been heavily talked about casually and frantically.

The return of a planet in general means a planet has made a full rotation through the zodiac signs and has now returned to its original starting sign. The inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter) move through the signs more often and their returns are more common to experience within a person’s lifetime. The outer planets (Neptune and Pluto) however, are much slower than the inner planets and their returns are therefore not experienced in a human lifetime. A Uranus return can be experienced if a person lives beyond the age of 84- 85.

The Day Of

Mark your calendars for February 22, 2022 because this is the day U.S. ‘s Pluto Return will become exact. This time around, Pluto has a friend with it: Mercury Retrograde. As Pluto began approaching its natal position starting in 2008, more and more has been revealed that what we once knew and were conditioned to be comfortable and content with is no longer sticking. Although being the smallest planet, Pluto is thinking of the bigger picture.

Pluto is the planet of destruction and transformation. It is very easy to take the fatalistic route with this planet but considering the state of the world and history in general, nothing is new under the sun. Pluto, Mercury and Saturn (through Capricorn) are working together to make us grow up as a nation.

Mercury is the planet of awareness. It is our intellect and mind and what’s immediately accessible to us. Being in Capricorn and retrograde, Mercury is being intentional of what it is revealing to us. If it shows us too much, we’ll be overwhelmed. If it shows too little, we’re blind. The right amount needs to be shown so that we are planted in reality and can plan accordingly.

Saturn will be in Aquarius and joined by the Sun. Sun is in detriment in Aquarius because the Sun is no longer the main attention as Aquarius is the group-conscious sign. Sun and Saturn have an interesting relationship with the purpose being to usher in a new discipline. The new discipline, in this case, is humanitarian efforts and social consciousness (Aquarius). It is clear that this Pluto Return will be pushing for progression.