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Venus Entering Sign of Aquarius

Venus will start its transit into Aquarius on March 31, 2022, leaving its comfort zone in the sign of Capricorn. Venus’ transit into the airy sign of innovation will have us exploring our highest intellectual connection to others. While people may appear detached from one another due to this, it’s only because they need a truly authentic connection with another.

With Venus in Aquarius, it can be seen that we are approaching relationships and values in a more analytical manner. There may be a preoccupation with what is important to us, but it may attract new ways of relating to others. Venus transit Aquarius will inspire our more future-driven selves to shine. 

Freedom, independence, and unconventionality are themes in our social relationships now, as we move towards being more like our true selves. Being friends with one another is important at this time, as is treating others fairly and impartially.

Venus and Aquarius Sign Meaning

Venus is the goddess of love, and naturally the planet influences how we show affection. It is also the planet of money and values. It rules the signs of Libra and Taurus, as well as the second and seventh houses. Venus is about pleasure, especially when it’s shared with someone else. Teaching us how to love and harmonize our relationships, while displaying our unique attractiveness. 

Of the personal planets in our natal chart, Venus is one of the most significant. Our grace, charm, and beauty are all governed by Venus’ influence. How we feel in our self-esteem, experience pleasures, and what brings us joy, are all present themes within Venus. By looking at how Venus is represented in our natal chart, we can see more clearly what makes us content and how we create emotional attachments. 

The sign of Aquarius is known for being determined and collaborative. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and is a fixed air sign. Naturally sociable, Aquarius isn’t one for small talk and may appear reserved or cold as they tend to avoid heavy emotions. Stubborn and extremely independent, Aquarius is known for making bold statements that showcase their individuality. They value originality, innovation, and macro ways of thinking. Aquarius energy guides us to embrace our inner rebel by making an impact for the benefit of the collective.   

Natal Venus in Aquarius

The placement of Venus in Aquarius is an indicator of an eccentric personality. This Venus sign is attracted to different things and people with varying backgrounds. They’re likely to get along well with everyone, andwant to be around people who feel different from the crowd. These natals tend to be sociable and always receive strong support from similar-minded individuals. People with this placement make good friends, as they are likely to be open-minded.

When in Aquarius, Venus is placed under the rulership of Saturn or Uranus. Venus in Aquarius has a detached and objective personality, which makes them a great listener. Natals of Venus in Aquarius are smart and are interested in various subjects. They crave intellectual connection with people who can teach you something new. Always planning for the future, these rebellious natals are typically progressive in their views and are known for asking provocative questions.  

Venus Transit Aquarius Through the Houses

Venus in Aquarius transit the 1st house – Aquarius Rising

During this period, you are likely to be more open and willing to compromise. This will allow you to connect and communicate with others easily. This is also a great opportunity to get away and enjoy a vacation.

Venus in Aquarius transit 2nd house – Capricorn Rising

During this period, your financial situation may be a bit uneven. Your ability to attract wealth is high, but you are also prone to over-spending. Use this time to improve your financial management skills. 

Venus in Aquarius transit 3rd house – Sagittarius Rising

During this period, you are more sociable and are likely to have great times with friends and relatives. There is also a rise in the number of people communicating with you in general at this time. 

Venus in Aquarius transit the 4th house – Scorpio Rising

During this period, you may find yourself wanting to be at home more. This homebodiness will strengthen all your family relationships. An opportune time to redecorate the home or start a new home improvement project. 

Venus in Aquarius transit the 5th house – Libra Rising

During this period, work will be the last thing on your mind as you’ll just want to have fun. This is a time to take a break, get away from the mundane, enjoy time with loved ones and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 6th house – Virgo Rising

During this period, you may want to enjoy yourself instead of working. Try to buckle down instead. You may also get into some relationship problems. This is a good time to talk them through and try to find some sort of agreement. Be mindful of your health and stay consistent with your routine. 

Venus in Aquarius transit the 7th house – Leo Rising

During this period, your relationships are likely to go well. Not only will they be successful, but this can also be a great opportunity for a new romance. If you’re in a conflict with a loved one, this is the ideal time to finally reconnect. However, make sure you don’t get carried away with being too easy going.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 8th house – Cancer Rising

During this period, you’ll be in a good financial position and have much financial luck. You’ll be able to benefit from various sources such as your partner, a bank, inheritance, and insurance.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 9th house – Gemini Rising

During this period, you may be drawn to art, music, and other cultural experiences. Take a trip far away and explore. You may also be strengthened by any relationships formed at this time.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 10th house – Taurus Rising

During this period, your career is likely to be at a favorable time, as you are easy to get along with. This will also make you more involved in various creative and diplomatic matters. There’s a chance you might become romantically interested in someone you work with.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 11th house – Aries Rising

During this period, you may find yourself in group environments more than usual. This is a great opportunity to connect with others and make new acquaintances. The friendship component of any romantic relationship will be more important to you at this time.

Venus in Aquarius transit the 12th house – Pisces Rising

During this period, you may feel more generous and giving to others. This transit may also be a time of psychological issues in relation to relationships. Keep your relationships low-key at this time. 

With the passage of Venus in Aquarius, people will start developing a more analytical approach to their relationships.People will start treating others with more dignity and respect. Freedom and independence will be present themes in our social relationships.